Best OKR Software | 2017

OCR Software is software for convert scans to editable text without RETYPING with keep format & layout like your original document.

Best OKR Software:

WeekdoneCloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iOSDocumentation, Live Online
GoalsCloud, SaaS, WebDocumentation, Webinars, Live Online
UppercaseCloud, SaaS, Web, iOSDocumentation, Live Online, In Person
7GeeseAndroid, iOSNo
BetterWorksCloud, SaaS, Web, iOSDocumentation, Webinars, Live Online, In Person
CoveCloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iOSLive Online
GtmhubCloud, SaaS, WebDocumentation, Live Online, In Person
KhorusCloud, SaaS, Web, iOSDocumentation, Webinars, Live Online, In Person
MyObjectivesCloud, SaaS, WebNo
Pulse OKRCloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iOSNo

WEEKDONE.COM – Weekdone Weekly Planning + Quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Weekly Planning + Quarterly Objectives. Refocus your team and get everyone on track towards achieving their goals and getting work done.



QUANTUMWORKPLACE.COM – Employee Engagement Software | Quantum Workplace. Elevate company culture & performance! Check out our employee engagement software with surveys, recognition, goal tracking, appraisals & more!


UPPERCASEHR.COM – Uppercase – Agile Performance Management for Teams. Uppercase is an agile performance management app for teams offering agile goals, real-time feedback and regular check-ins for growing teams. By focusing on mobile, Google Apps, and Slack, we are redefining how managers think about performance management and disrupting a decades old market.


Top OKR Software:

7GEESE.COM – OKRs and Continuous Performance Management | 7Geese. Combine the power of OKRs goal-setting with continuous feedback, coaching, and peer recognition to improve performance across your organization.

BETTERWORKS.COM – Continuous Performance Management Software | BetterWorks. BetterWorks is the leading performance management & OKR/goal setting software. We make it easy for employees to set goals and give ongoing feedback for increased performance and engagement.

GTMHUB.COM – OKRs software. Supercharge your growth with OKRs! Gtmhub is a complete OKRs solution. We help you set and align goals to get everyone in the organization behind your mission.

KHORUS.COM – Khorus | Enterprise Leadership Platform. Khorus is the enterprise leadership platform, empowering CEOs and leaders to drive performance, manage talent, and build a strong culture.

ALLIANCEENTERPRISES.COM – Alliance Enterprises, Inc. Alliance Enterprises was founded in 1981 and has a history of providing leaders and innovators technology based solutions.

PERDOO.COM – Perdoo: Building tomorrow’s workplaces. At Perdoo we are building tomorrow’s workplaces.Our dedicated OKR tool helps you increase transparency, alignment and focus throughout your organization.

ATIIM.COM – Atiim – OKR Goals Software & Ongoing Performance Management. Innovative 2-in-1 Unified OKR Goals Management Software (Objectives & Key Results) & Ongoing Performance Management. Maximize business results.


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