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Top 50+ Best Vendor Management Software For Small Business

Vendor Management Software is the process of developing, managing and controlling relationships and agreement with multiple third-party vendors and contractors to control costs, minimize third-party risk exposure and drive service excellence.

Organizations need to ensure that the products and services provided by the third-party vendors are safe and comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards.

Best Vendor Management Software For Small Business:


Global Mass Payments, AP Software, B2B Payments. The only end-to-end AP software solution to automate the entire supplier payments operation, making global mass B2B payments frictionless and efficient.




VendorINSIGHT® – Vendor Risk Management Software. News and Market Risk Alerts are delivered directly to your vendor management software daily. Subscribe to Social Media monitoring, Abusive Practices and Customer Complaints and many other automated due diligence services.




From locating opportunities to understanding spending habits, we have the tools that will help your business succeed in the public sector marketplace.




We are Isolocity, owned by CJB Consulting Ltd. We started in quality consulting and saw companies struggling to keep their quality management systems up to date. We wanted to make it easier for them, so we built a quality management software that does it for them. We strive to eliminate all the labour involved in quality compliance.




Sequoia Waste Solutions. The waste industry is historically inefficient, and haulers are typically happy to increase costs if you’re not paying attention. Brokers operate in a secretive capacity and may or may not be looking out for your best interests. We don’t think it has to be this way! We treat client relationships like partnerships, and are always innovating to make an old industry more efficient and transparent.




Vendor Management System & Contingent Workforce Solutions. Beeline is the world leader in contingent workforce solutions. Our Vendor Management System (VMS) offers a streamlined way to manage your contingent labor.




Web Based RFP Software. SupplierSelect RFP Software is an online platform for managing vendor evaluation, system selection, RFP and eSourcing projects.




Winddle – Procurement and sourcing solution. Winddle is a turnkey, modern and collaborative solution to manage product development and sourcing operations for the retail and consumer goods industries.




Rxvantage: Free Interaction Management System for Health Providers. Our free cloud-based solutions bring order to the physician-rep relationship, create valuable information exchanges and improve patient care. Learn more.



Best Vendor Management Software:

ARUVIO.COM – Aruvio – GRC Software Built in the Cloud. Aruvio’s continuous GRC solution provides the right foundation for automating your compliance programs with the design goal of simplification first. Aruvio is built on’s platform with powerful enterprise-class for multi-program capabilities; flexibility, scalability, reliability, extendibility, mobility. Aruvio’s approach provides for scaling your GRC capabilities as you need at a fraction of the professional services costs & time required to configure, implement, & extend other enterprise GRC platforms.

BRAVOSOLUTION.COM – Procurement, e Procurement, Electronic Procurement Strategy | BravoSolution. BravoSolution is a leading global procurement organization offering strategic procurement technology, rich practitioner heritage, & top customer experience.

PERISCOPEHOLDINGS.COM – Periscope Holdings. We see procurement clearly – from every point of view. That’s why we deliver software and create solutions that transform the entire procurement process.

CONNECT4TRAINING.COM – Connect4Training – Dramatically Improve your Human Capital Development.

CONNECTING-EXPERTISE.COM – Connecting-expertise. The staffing process for contingent workers often takes precious time. We offer an integrated tool that helps you to optimise and facilitate the search, source, contract and management of these workers.

CVMSOLUTIONS.COM – CVM Solutions | Supplier Diversity & Vendor Management Software. CVM Solutions is a global provider of supplier management software that helps you choose the best supplier/vendor for any organization.

DIRECTWORKS.COM – Supplier Engagement Platform for Discrete Manufacturers. Directworks provides a better way for manufacturers to work across teams and with suppliers to develop, launch and deliver more profitable products.

DOTSTAFF.COM – Vendor Management System & Managed Service Provider. Our founding principle, “the right resource, the right time, the best price”, is a simple concept. As the industry leader, dotStaff™ provides unparalleled value with …

ECONOMICENGINE.COM – Economic Engine. Economic Engine is a powerful e-commerce toolbox, bringing the power of the Internet to small and mid-sized companies, by matching them with government opportunities, corporate accounts and each other. Our mission is to work with our customers to provide procurement strategies and cost-effective electronic sourcing for the buying and selling of goods and services.

ECRATUM.COM – Supplier relationship management. Love your supplier! Ecratum is the simplest supplier relationship management suite with tons of features for a more efficient supplier handling. Try ecratum SRM suite now!

HICXSOLUTIONS.COM – Supplier Information Management Leaders | HICX Solutions. HICX Solutions is the leading supplier information management platform. Save money, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk with HICX Solutions.

HICX Solutions is a leading Supplier Information Management platform that helps customers significantly reduce costs and risk associated with managing suppliers. Our state-of-the-art workflows, supplier data models, search algorithms, web interfaces, integration capabilities, and processes were built from the ground up to aggressively meet time-to-market demands, scale appropriately, and serve the needs of the world’s most demanding, large, and complex organizations. Save money, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk with HICX Solutions.

REACTORNET.COM – ReactorNet EPRO Spend Management Solutions for Medium- to Large-size Companies. ReactorNet, creator of EPRO, offers innovative Procure-to-Pay solutions for Small- to Medium-Size Companies.

FOCUSPOINTTECH.COM – Monitoring of all costs associated with procurement, utilization, licensing and expenses. (The Focus Point Team has saved tens of millions of dollars for client companies using our TEM services). This is particularly important in unified communications environments with both telcom and VoiP systems deployed.

HIPEROS.COM – Hiperos 3rd Party Management (3PM) provides a single solution to manage your 3rd parties to avoid reputational risk, regulatory penalties, and negative customer impact.

IQN.COM – IQN: Vendor Management System (VMS) & Solutions. IQNavigator provides a Vendor Management System (VMS) to aid in vendor management, services procurement, and acquiring contingent labor forces.

LAVANTE.COM – Lavante. Lavante is the leader in vendor portal software, supplier onboarding, supplier information management, supplier data, vendor master data management, profit recovery.

LYSTABLE.COM – Lystable | Work together. Lystable is used by the best teams on the planet to onboard, manage, and pay their freelancers. Saving time, frustration and keeping them a million miles away from spreadsheets.

DWSWORLDWIDE.COM – Distinctive Workforce Solutions. 

CEBOS.COM – Our MQ1 technology is a suite of enterprise-wide quality management software. From the plant floor to the boardroom, CEBOS’ quality management software system enables organizations to save thousands of hours complying with management standard requirements. Determining how to automate business processes, comply with quality/regulatory standards, and leverage the same data needed in multiple processes is critical to cracking the quality management system conundrum. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve created solutions that will help you on your journey.

LOGICSOURCE.COM – Sourcing and Procurement Services Firm | Indirect Sourcing Specialists | LogicSource. LogicSource is reinventing sourcing and procurement. Learn how our sourcing solutions help companies like yours buy better.

OPTIMALPROCESS.COM – Optimal Process – web application development – Web Applications to help your business grow. Team collaboration, customer loyalty/service and market promotion.

PERFECT.COM – Perfect Commerce. Perfect Commerce knows your work travels with you. It can’t wait until you get to the office. Requisitions and expense reports need your prompt attention. You need access to procurement data from your smart phone and tablet, all day, every day and everywhere you go. The Perfect mobile app is just another way we streamline purchasing to save you money!

KESZ1.COM – Kesz1 Technologies LLC. Our services and solutions include creative design, web development, SEO, custom software applications, mobile/tablet/iOS apps as well as a complete range of project, product and technical management services.

RECRUITALLIANCE.COM – RecruitAlliance – Recruitment Marketplace and VMS. RecruitAlliance: The sourcing and recruitment marketplace, and no-cost VMS. Employers save up to 50% off staffing agency costs, and improve time to fill.

DECIDEWARE.COM – Decideware | Marketing Procurement. Decideware provides best-in-class software and services to Marketing & Procurement teams managing marketing agency partnerships to grow brands.

GORINGO.COM – A pioneer in the industry since 2001, RINGO was designed as a tool to provide increased accuracy, efficiency, cost containment and accountability in line with our client’s strategic objectives for their contingent labor workforce. Providing a centralized portal to easily access and manage information regarding spending and usage, RINGO increases capabilities and efficiencies to manage operations and critical data for an unlimited population. All processes are designed to meet our Client’s specifications in a user-friendly, neutral setting. Our commitment to quality ensures the highest standards of excellence to our valued partners and is the foundation upon which all services and relationships are built.

RSAM.COM – Rsam. Easy to use. Adaptable to change. We dared to do GRC differently.

SIMETRYK.COM – Simetryk. Simetryk is a Master Data Management tool dedicated to supplier information (SIM). It is the layer that handles the creation and maintenance of pure supplier records.

SOURCEDOGG.COM – SourceDogg – eProcurement & eSourcing Software. SourceDogg – Affordable, powerful and easy-to-use eProcurement software. SourceDogg eProcurement eSourcing e-Procurement e-Sourcing Contract Management Catalogues Supplier Management Supplier Verification Data Analysis.

LHCONNECTED.COM – StrideTrack | The First Web Based Run Club Tracking Program | StrideTrack is the first web based running club management systemStrideTrack Running club Management System.

EPIQTECH.COM – Contract Management Software | Vendor Management Software | Epiq Tech. Epiq Tech makes contract management software, vendor management software, contract management solutions, sourcing solutions, and procurement software that makes reverse autions more efficient.

KNADELSOFTWARE.COM – Knadel Software. Knadel Software Solutions (“KSS”) is an innovative technology company established to bring regulatory driven technology solutions to the financial services industry.

TRADESHIFT.COM – Procure-to-pay, Supplier Engagement for Enterprise Procurement | Tradeshift. Tradeshift an open platform that powers SMB to Enterprise with solutions for procurement, spend management, and business travel. We transform the way companies buy, pay, and collaborate.

VEND-TRAK.COM – Vending Software | Vend-Trak – Vending Management Solutions.

PROUNLIMITED.COM – PRO Unlimited – Contingent Workforce Management Solutions. A pioneer in purely neutral Contingent Workforce Management and best in class VMS. PRO was formed to manage the entire ecosystem of contingent labor.

VIRINCHI.COM – Welcome to Virinchi. Virinchi is one of India’s early starters in the truly web-based IT Products & Solutions space, offering a wide array of Products & Solutions both off-the-shelf as well as customizable, for both the B2B and the B2C markets. These products were developed by a team of resources with extensive experience in varied domains since the year 1991.

VENDORLINK.NL – Leveranciersmanagement – Vendor management | Vendorlink. Cloud oplossing voor optimaal leveranciersmanagement. Vendorlink schept eenvoud in een complex proces en stelt u in staat resultaat te boeken.

VENDORRISK.COM – Vendor Management Software | VendorRisk. VendorRisk helps banks & credit unions manage their vendors & contracts, perform risk assessments, conduct due diligence reviews & more.

THIRDPARTYTRUST.COM – ThirdPartyTrust – Vendor Intelligence, Digital Supply Chain Risk, and Vendor Risk Management (VRM). ThirdPartyTrust’s SaaS vendor management platform measures and monitors vendor risk and related cyber threats. Enterprises require their vendors (e.g. IT service providers, consultants and contractors) to create a ThirdPartyTrust profile, which includes security audits, insurance certificates and compliance documentation in a central repository. Vendors can share their ThirdPartyTrust profile with all their enterprise clients and CISO’s and the C-Suite have the ability to manage and mitigate risk across the organization.

VENDORRATING.NET – XLS VendorRating is the ultimate software sollution for measuring and assessing the performance of your suppliers using pre-determined criteria.

XRMSOLUTIONS.COM – XRM Workforce Technologies. In an always evolving market conditions and business models, it’s critical that your technology platforms can keep up. At XSI our commitment to tailored and flexible Total Talent Management solution is the driving force of our business. Our XRMSM System boasts a simple and intuitive design to ease the time consuming processes involved in enterprise-wide software implementations and updates. Offering modular flexibility in times of transition has been a key element to the success of our clients’ Contingent Labor programs. We change with you and adapt with you to change; let us show you the difference.

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