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Best Business Plan Software For Small Business

A business plan should be the core of your business. It establish your mission and your goals, both long term and short term.

This also includes financial needs, break even points and marketing strategies that will be used to grow your business. The business plan is meant to provide a high level of focus to your day to day operations that will allow you to meet both short term and long term goals.

When business plans are used properly they provide the resources to grow your business faster and more specifically, than companies that operate without a clear plan. Lenders and investors also require well written business plans if you are to be taken seriously.

Best Business Plan Software For Small Business:


WhatAVenture | Guiding Business Ideas to Success. Our services and products help startups and corporate teams to turn their business ideas into success.




StrategyDesigner™ is an online application that lets Strategic Teams work on a shared plan document independently, simultaneously, confidentially and from any device, anywhere! It helps you put together a strategy plan document using an uniform plan template that includes typical sections such as Strategic Goals, SWOT-Analysis, KPI’s and Operational Plan.

You can either type or copy-paste pre-existing text/html from different platforms, you can upload Excel files which will automatically be converted into online worksheets and you can upload image files, PDFs and presentations. All these files will automatically be included in a clean, professional-looking document, available in MS-Word, PDF and HTML formats; ready for sharing, printing and saving in the Cloud.

With StrategyDesigner, you can create your strategic business plans in the given timeframe, by dividing and sharing the tasks among the members of your team.




Business Plan Software and Sales and Marketing Software – Palo Alto Software. Palo Alto Software offers Business Plan Pro, the world’s leading business planning software, along with other business and marketing planning solutions.




Excel Spreadsheets – Home Budgets, Business Templates & More. Excel Spreadsheets for Home and Small Business use.




Business Sorter. Business Sorter focuses your attention on the things you need to work on now, by helping you identify your top prioritie




CAMMS. CAMMS develops, implements and supports its world leading integrated suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business intelligence (BI) solutions to enable enterprises to plan, execute and drive their business from strategy to reality.




World’s Best Business Plan Solutions. World’s Best Business Plan Solutions with specific business plan templates and close-to-reality fully automated business specific financial planning.




Business planning software and tools – StratPad. The world’s highest-rated business planning software. Grow your business using StratPad’s award-winning approach.



Update: 08.03.2017 Top Business Plan Software:

LIVEPLAN.COM – Online Business Plan Software | LivePlan. Creating a professional, investor ready business plan has never been easier. Try our LivePlan Business Plan Software today. All products have a 60 day money back guarantee.

ENLOOP.COM – Free Online Business Plan Writing App. Free, Fast and Easy Business Plan Software. Enloop’s free business plan writing app automatically writes your business plan and evaluates your odds of success. Free business plan software with financial forecasts and report card, all for free…

BIZPLAN.COM – Bizplan: Modern business planning software for startups. Modern business planning software for startups. Create, collaborate, and share your business plan with investors and potential customers.

BRS-INC.COM – Business Planning Software – Business Plan Software | BRS, Inc. BRS, Inc. offers PlanWrite, the top choice in business plan software in addition to ground-breaking business strategy software for entrepreneurs, students, and consultants.

THEBUSINESSPLANSHOP.COM – Business Plan Software | The Business Plan Shop. Our online business plan software makes it easy to create an investor-proof business plan. Try it for free now!

BUSINESSPLANPRO.COM – Business Plan Pro – Business Planning Software. Business Plan Pro is the fastest, easiest business plan software for small business, startups, and corporate business planning. Features include 500+ sample business plans, SBA-approved format, Excel integration, and more.

KNOWLIUM.COM – Business Plan Software | Knowlium. Knowlium makes it easy to develop and collaborate on developing the right business plan for your startup.

IPLANNER.NET – Template-based Strategic Business Plan Software. Online business strategic plan software aimed at corporate, non-profit and start-up planning. Sample templates, business model and financial projections provided.

USINESSPLANS.ORG – Business Plan Center with a Library of Real Business Plans. Business planning, marketing planning, and marketing strategy information, advice, and software. Features online interactive business consulting, sample small business plans and outlines.

BUSINESSPLAN.AZUREWEBSITES.NET – Custom Business Plan Application. Online, custom business plan software. A bespoke application to create business plans and financial projections.

MONTPELLIER-BUSINESS-PLAN.COM – Montpellier Business Plan. The Montpellier Business Plan allows you, free of charge, online or offline, and safely to simulate your financial figures. Integrating the most recent business models you can manage your business with a clear vision of financial flows, which you can share with your interlocutors.

BUSINESSPLANPRO.CO.UK – Business Plan Pro – Business Plan Software – Business Plan Pro UK. Business Plan Pro Premier Edition is our best selling product for people looking to write a business plan. Download today and get your business plan started.

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