Best Content Marketing Software For Small Business | 2017

Content Marketing Software is a strategy that addresses a common pain point of traditional batch and blast, maximum exposure advertising campaigns: such ads can seem interruptive and irrelevant to the context in which they are presented, sometimes to the point of becoming mildly annoying.

While all advertising consists of content, content marketing Software is defined by a strategic approach to presenting marketing material so that it is informative, timely, and in some way related to the context in which it is discovered.

Best Content Marketing Software For Small Business:

SMARTIMAGE.COM – Centralize and Share Your Brand. Simply. 15 day free trialTry Smartimage for FreeView Sample Portal Helping hundreds of brands, like these Access your files in the cloud from anywhere, at anytime ndash; globally. Share links or password protected collections of files. Customize your account for a consistent brand experience. Watch a Demo Sign up for free. Upgrade when ready.


INSTAPAGE.COM – Landing Page Software for Better Marketing. Backed by award-winning design and the largest community of conversion marketers on the planet, Instapage builds tools that make landing page marketing easy.


SPROUTLOUD.COM – SproutLoud | Marketing Resource Management Software. SproutLoud is a Marketing Resource Management Platform for distributed organizations, providing brand-approved channel marketing resources and programs.


EPICTIONS.COM – Epictions: Content Intelligence Software. Epictions monitors your brand, its competition and the industry to bring you a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening in your marketing universe.


TRACKMAVEN.COM – Marketing Analytics Software | TrackMaven. Integrated marketing analytics software that empowers marketers with campaign and content insights across 15 digital channels.


ADNGIN.COM – AdNgin | Maximize Ad Revenue, Minimize Bounce Rates. Increase your ad revenue effortlessly with AdNgin’s testing platform. Simply test your Ad networks to increase earnings and create better user experiences.


CONVEYOUR.COM – Nimble Communication for Influencers – ConveYour. ConveYour helps influencers engage with their tribe, personally, at scale – through SMS, video, email, polls, & challenges.


EASYREDIR.COM – URL Redirect Service for Brand, Marketing and SEO | EasyRedir. EasyRedir URL Redirect Service. Easily manage URL redirects to reinforce your brand, maximize SEO and share new ideas.


SCRIBBLELIVE.COM – Content Marketing Platform – ScribbleLive. Engage with your audience like never before. ScribbleLive is your end-to-end content marketing platform. Create & tell engaging stories as they happen.


BUBBL.CA – AIR Social Keyboard. The World’s First Social Keyboard. Faster, smarter content creation.


AUDIENTI.COM – Audienti: Lead Generation Software to Drive Demand. Fill the top of funnel with lead generation software that automatically finds new prospects and digitally surrounds them to lower your acquisition costs.


BEACON.BY – Beacon – Create a Free Ebook Now | Convert Blog to PDF | Beacon. Instantly convert your existing blog posts into professionally designed, downloadable content.


BEEGIT.COM – Beegit: Painless Content Production and Collaboration for Teams. Team-based online writing software that removes barriers across your organization to create, edit and approve web content. Try it Free!


BLUENOD.COM – Bluenod is a simple way to find influencers with Twitter visualization.


BOOSTTHENEWS.COM – Boost the News – Media monitoring done right. Monitor news about your brand, competition and industry. Estimate their traffic. Promote them and reach a larger audience. Try it for free.

At every moment our advanced mechanisms collect articles from tens of thousands of blogs and websites just to find the news which include the keywords important for you. Set up keyword alerts and receive notifications each time they appear online.

To analyze the true impact of your articles you need the ability to verify your potential reach. Our advanced algorithms based on available parameters calculate and estimate number of views to give you deeper insights into your efforts.

Got notified about news that are important for you and your brand? More people should read it! With Boost the News you can help them reach a larger audience.


CEROS.COM – Interactive Content Marketing Software | Ceros. Interactive content marketing software to create catalogs, lookbooks, magazines, infographics, and more without developers. Learn more about Ceros today.


CLARITYGRADER.COM – Website Grader & Readability Test Tool: Clarity Grader. Is your web content clear, consistent and engaging your audience? Try Clarity Grader, our website grader and readability test Tool. Try For FREE!


COMMERCESCIENCES.COM – Commerce Sciences | Personalization, Behavioral Targeting, Real-Time Offers. Commerce Sciences is the leading conversion optimization platform. Dramatically increase revenue and consumer engagement.


CONTENTLY.COM – Contently – Content Marketing That Works. Contently helps brands do great content marketing at scale—with smart technology, content strategy expertise, and a network of 50,000 freelance creatives.


CONTENTOOLS.COM – Content Marketing Platform for Growing Companies. Create. Collaborate. Pubish. All in one place. Contentools is a content marketing automation platform to centralize, streamline and manage content creation.


CONTENTTOOLS.CO – Interactive Content Marketing Tools | ContentTools. ContentTools is a content marketing agency creating interactive content like quizzes, calculators, content to capture leads and engage audiences.


CONTIFY.COM – Contify | Market Intelligence for Enterprise & Teams. Contify is a market intelligence platform enabling enterprises & teams to track their competitors & markets and generate insights for content strategy.


CURATA.COM – Content Curation & Content Marketing Platform – Curata. Curata’s software enables marketers to scale content marketing to grow leads and revenue.


DIVVYHQ.COM – DivvyHQ: A Content Planning & Workflow Tool for High-Volume Teams. Get your team organized. Simplify your workflow processes. Improve planning, collaboration and communication across departments/silos. Plan. Divvy. Conquer.


EXPERTFILE.COM – Find an Expert | Promote an Expert with ExpertFile – The Expert Marketing Platform for Thought Leaders. Make your experts visible to thousands of media, conferences and prospects, directly on your website, through search and on’s global expert directory.


FLUIDTOPICS.COM – Fluid Topics – Limitless technical content delivery. Fast and easy access to information. Seamless knowledge transfer. Impressive content synthesis. Fluid Topics gives you the power to find and navigate technical information from any source on any device.


FOLLOZE.COM – Folloze – Customer Engagement Platform. Account Based Marketing, ABM Content Platform, Marketing, Sales, ABM, auto-personalized, engagement, content experience, real time, sales alerts, Marketo, salesforce, Eloqua, Outlook.


GETSPREAD.IT – Get Spread IT! Modern link shortener for content marketing.

Find the link to any website you’d like to share to your audience. For example, it might be new article on authority website, blog post, or anything else. You don’t have to be associated with that website at all.

Choose how you want to convert visitors from that website by ours ads – you can use plenty of our templates: it can be pop-up, top or bottom bar, cloud in the corner etc. and customize it. Create your headliner and CTA linked to your landing page.

Now you can share your Spread Link on every channel you want – social media, mail, cpc. Your choice. Now every person who clicks that link will see your ads on target website.

You can see results of your actions. By checking stats you’ll see number of views and clicks and when your visitors are most interested on your ad.


GRAVITYFACTOR.COM – Gravity Factor – The Marketing Automation Experts. Gravity Factor delivers on-demand marketing automation solutions to enable mid-market and B2B marketers to easily execute and rapidly improve the effectiveness of their demand generation activities and deliver more sales-ready leads.


INNOGAGE.COM – B2B Marketing Experts | Interactive Digital Marketing | Columbus Ohio. Connecting businesses to their clients using new technologies – Innogage Digital Marketing.


INPIN.BIZ – – We help local businesses and individuals market themselves. With hundreds of drag and drop themes, templates, incredibly easy editor and upload facilities for your existing content; this is the right platform to market your business, products, ideas, creation and work.


IONINTERACTIVE.COM – ion interactive Content Marketing Solutions. ion interactive empowers modern marketers to produce engaging, interactive content marketing that generates higher quality leads.


KAPOST.COM – Kapost | The B2B Marketing Platform. Software to realize your B2B marketing strategy. Kapost is the B2B marketing operating system used to power world-class content and drive business success.


Content Management System For Small Business

KOMPYTE.COM – Kompyte – Track Competitors | Analyze Competition. Kompyte is an online tool to track competitors’ strategies, analyze your online competition, benchmark competitive KPis and learn from competition.

KUDANI.COM – Kudani is a leading content marketing software that helps you discover trending content, curate high quality articles, and promote to social media.

KUIA.COM – Create Interactive Calculators, Maps, Charts, Quizzes, & Hubs. Create interactive calculators, quizzes, maps, charts, & content hubs to boost engagement, leads, & revenue in 17 minutes, without a developer.

LIMBER.IO – Content Marketing Automation – Limber. Limber is a content marketing automation platform and social marketing management platform that connects with Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

LINKBIRD.COM – Content marketing workflow software for teams. linkbird improves content marketing planning, communication and analysis – ✔ free trial ✔workflows and analytics ✔ 1700+ users.

MARKETING.AI – Marketing.AI | Content Marketing and Corporate Communications Software.

MARKETMUSE.COM – We’ve removed the guesswork from the enterprise content planning process by engineering a knowledge graph of the semantic web. Tapping into the power of big data, artifical intelligence, and machine learning, our proprietary software can tell your editorial team exactly what to write about. Our insights will help you build authority around a given topic, ultimately leading to more relevant traffic.

MOBSTAC.COM – Digital engagement for the physical world | MobStac. MobStac offers tools for proximity marketing, analytics & indoor wayfinding with Beaconstac, an end-to-end beacon solution, and WiFire, a consumer mobile app.

PIXEL-STUDIOS.COM – Digital Marketing Agency | Web Development Services | Internet Marketing Services. Pixel Studios, A Digital Marketing Agency adept at delivering quality Web Development Services, Internet Marketing Services, Web Application Development services and more, located in Chennai.

NEWSATME.COM – Help your readers discover your most compelling content. Automatically send your readers the articles you know they’ll love most. Give Your Site a Reliable Audience of Regular Readers. Move Your Audience by Discovering What They Love Most.

NEWSCRED.COM – Content Marketing Software | Content Marketing Platform For Brands | NewsCred. NewsCred is on a mission to make marketing better for everyone. As the leading content marketing software, NewsCred provides the world’s most ambitious brands with the best solutions in content creation, marketing management, cross-channel publishing, and measurement.

NEWSLETTERBREEZE.COM – NewsletterBreeze. Generate the content for great newsletters in five minutes with automated content gathering and curation (under your control).

OUTBRAIN.COM – Get Your Content Discovered on Our Marketing Platform | Outbrain. Promote your content on the web’s largest publisher sites, including CNN, TIME, Mashable and thousands more, through our content marketing platform.

PERCOLATE.COM – Percolate | Complete Marketing Software for Global Brands. Percolate is The System of Record for Marketing®, a complete web and mobile software platform to manage all your marketing in one place.

PRESSLY.COM – Pressly – Connecting Communities Everywhere. Pressly collects all of your content into gorgeous, customizable hubs, giving your team a unique place to organize, publish and collaborate – Get a free trial.

RIVERSAND.COM – Riversand – Master Data Management, Product Information Management – Texas. Riversand solutions can empower your business to easily manage complex data by providing your company with the right information at the right time from a single source.

PUBLISHSOSIMPLY.COM – Publish Content Marketing Materials | Index. Use newspaper template, brochure template, white paper template, presentation template to create publications that impress your customers.

RIVALIQ.COM – Rival IQ: Competitor Analysis for Digital Marketers. Digital marketing analytics with competitive analysis. Social media analytics, SEO keyword rankings and Website content marketing. Free 7-day trial.

SHARPR.COM – Sharpr — Collaboration & Knowledge Platform. Join the world’s leading global agencies and consumer brands with Sharpr enterprise content collaboration and knowledge platform.

SHUTTLEROCK.COM – Authentic Visual Content Marketing in Real Time. Shuttlerock provides a powerful software platform that enables your organization to easily generate and activate employee and customer photos and videos.

SMARTGENIES.COM – Interactive Content Creation – SmartGenies. SmartGenies Interactive Content Creation software allows you to easily create Interactive Content and distribute that content via multiple channels.

SmartGenies is software that allows you to quickly and easily create Interactive Content and distribute that content via web, mobile, social and email channels.

SmartGenies creates a virtual conversation that answers your prospect and customer specific questions, providing only the information requested in a timely and engaging way. There are many potential uses of our product which are listed below. With SmartGenies, your prospects and customers are in the driver’s seat!

Turnaround time for creation of a SmartGenie for a business has averaged 3-4 weeks. It is quick, affordable, and cost effective.

SQUIRRLY.CO – Content Marketing Services and Inbound Marketing Software | Squirrly SEO. You go online and all you can see is content. Bad content, good content, engaging content. It’s all there. We help you produce content marketing pieces worth reading.

TRENDEMON.COM – TrenDemon – Content Marketing Analytics & Automation. TrenDemon provides digital marketers actionable insights about their content marketing ROI, and optimizes customer journeys in real-time.

UBERFLIP.COM – Uberflip: Create, manage, and optimize content experiences at every stage of the buyer journey.

VORAKA.COM – Voraka – Create Deliver Measure | Content. 

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