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Top 8 Mobile App Development Tools That Help Build Mobile Apps Fast

In this digital era, having a mobile application for your business become highly important as more than 95% of Americans own a mobile device for their daily task. They access mobile phone for booking tickets, shopping, paying bills, surfing the internet, and a lot more.

It’s a time, where you can develop your own mobile application in just mere minutes, so there should be no excuses that why you are not creating one for your business. On the web, there are various high-end mobile app development tools that made developing apps a lot easier and instant.

When it comes to choosing one such tool that helps you to make your desired application, you get confused to opt for one that stands out from other apps. To make it easy for you, we have put together top 8 mobile app development tools that are known for their rich features.

Let’s Have an Instant Look at the Top 8 Mobile App Development Tools:

App Press

Now, developing and updating your mobile application without coding becomes a lot easier with an App Press tool. This platform offers everything that is essential to develop a high-end application. It is a web-based, no-code app tool that mainly targets iPhone and Android apps.

The tool is known for using a Photoshop-like user interface for assembling screens from visual assets, via layers. Talking about the back-end, it is an Amazon cloud-based service and platform that claims designers to produce their first app in one day.

Ionic Creator

Build the most powerful and amazing mobile apps with an Ionic Creator tool that is a simple drag and drop tool for going from idea to the App Store with just the drag of a mouse. This high-end framework is based on the Sass CSS language and it can be used easily and integrated with Angular JS to develop more advanced apps.

It also develops cross-platform apps that run on multiple operating systems. Moreover, the platform has a complete library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS CSS components, tools and gestures, and works with predefined components. A command-line interface delivers features like emulators, reload, and logging.

Framework 7

Framework7 is a free and open source mobile HTML framework that can be used to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS and Android native look and feel. It is an indispensable prototyping app tool that shows a working app prototype as soon as possible you need it.

One of the main approaches of this platform is to provide you with an opportunity to develop iOS and Android apps with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript easily and clearly. It is full of freedom that it doesn’t limit your imagination and delivers different ways of any solutions somehow. It is not compatible with all the platforms and mainly focused on iOS and Google Material design.

A web-based enterprise platform allows users to develop the web and mobile forms, merging a drag-and-drop forms builder and flexible back-end technology. The user of this tool can easily create new forms or replicate existing paper forms, API integration, embed logical transitions and more, enabling the capture of images within the forms, capture digital signatures and more. Finished mobile forms can gather information when disconnected and transfer the collected information when the connection has been restored.


The iBuildApp is a Web builder that is a highly popular platform for providing customized templates for iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. The platform claims that it can users to create a high-end application in just five minutes.

For some of the common app types, template-based systems like iBuildApp can develop usable results, so you just to need to select widgets that comprise the functionalities that you need. Thus, check out this wonderful platform, where you can find a range of customized templates.


ViziApps is a great tool that combines an online visual designer and a range of customized sample apps with code generation for mobile Web and both iOS and Android native apps. It has form fields and charts, various user actions, navigation bar, 60 backgrounds, 4000 stock images and more.

Supports with different customizations and JavaScript extension, this tool supports with more than 50 data sources. Through template apps, you can see how fields, actions and data interfaces can be used.


AppGyver Composer 2 is a web-based builder and hosting service for Hybrid iOS and Android multi page applications. It is based on the Supersonic UI framework that offers native UI elements page transitions, navigation bars, modals, drawers, and more. With this tool, you can easily achieve a native look and feel in a hybrid application.

You can easily develop apps starting with one of a half-dozen templates from scratch using modules and components. So, if you want to write code, you can create custom modules. Your app can receive numeric and text data from a variety of sources.


QuickBase is the independent QuickBase software consultants that are a part of the QuickBase Solution Provider’s network. An online builder and platform for Web database and mobile web database applications, this tool comes with limited support for integrations outside its own database.

This tool offers 800+ customizable application templates, comprising the Complete Project Manager is shown above. With this tool, users can build QuickBase apps from scratch, starting with a data design.

So, these are top 8 mobile app development tools that you can try and develop mobile apps faster. These tools have made developing apps a lot easier, so check out these tools and start using them. In case, if you are facing any difficulty while developing an app, you can hire a leading mobile app development company that has skilled mobile app developers.

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