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10 Most Useful Pharmacy Applications

Medication trackers, prescription apps, medicine guide platforms, drugstore discount applications… We shall speak of each kind of pharmacy programs to see their greatest representatives. Let’s begin.

1. Epocrates

And we’ll start our top 10 list with this medical reference mobile solution.

Epocrates entered the market in 1998, and nowadays it’s pretty popular having over one million customers. Being a truly advanced web resource, the service represents a bright example of the greatest nursing programs.

Clinical specialists take advantage of the application in question to verify specific med data, locate new vendors, make certain calculations, for instance Body Mass Index, and much more.


  • Well-proven credibility. Statistics claim that 50% of medical staff in the USA feel confidence in that app, and utilize it in their day-to-day operations;
  • Continuously updating data. The Epocrates owners update the site steadily, always providing their audience with the latest and the most relevant database;
  • Valuable instruments. Such med reference resource delivers diverse helpful tools that will come in handy for professional clinical employees, as well as for average patients.

Let’s also review Epocrates main parameters, so you get a clearer picture of such an pp:

  • drugs details;
  • medical manuals;
  • drug interaction verification;
  • different notifications;
  • dedicated nursing content;
  • various calculation tools.

2. Skyscape

Every app creator, while building an e-commerce app, shall take a look at the given solution as well. Here’s another medical ref resource.

Skyscape is multifunction. It represents a particular clinical directory and contains thorough info on medical issues, providing a broad range of knowledge both theoretical and practical, including calculators and monographs.


  • Vast experience. It’s been over 20 years at the market, and the program is prospering;
  • Well-earned trust. Around 2.5 million specialized clinical staff are happy to take advantage of Skyscape;
  • Solid partnership. The application in question has over 35 high-level professionals who were involved in service development.

Skyscape key characteristics are as follows:

  • data on multiple pharmaceuticals;
  • clinical calculator;
  • medical consult;
  • ongoing content update;
  • audio pronunciation of specialized terminology;
  • smart searching;
  • block diagrams;
  • fully colored pictures;
  • symptoms and signs guides.

3. I.V. Drug Handbook

Moving on, we shall discuss this useful drug guiding platform.

I.V. Drug Handbook was created by the MobiSystems company that specializes in medical sites development. The mentioned solution is secured, easy-to-use and practical. Providing comprehensive descriptions of over 350 pharmaceuticals, the resource is designed for medical personnel.


  • Navigation simplicity. It’s all about improving users’ experience: medicine lists are in alphabet order, and searching tools simplify finding procedures;
  • Configuration options. The audience can easily adjust the program’s settings to make it more convenient;
  • Thorough details on drugs. Data on every medication involves dosage, diverse meds compatibility, particularities of drugs takings, and many other important parameters.

We shall explore basic properties of I.V. Drug Handbook. Here they come:

  • all-encompassing meds descriptions;
  • varying searching instruments, for instance, voice search,
  • autocomplete identification, keyword search;
  • multiple learning instruments, say, recent & favorite categories;
  • premium support;
  • off-line operation.

4. Medscape

This is one more medicines guide app. Among its audience you’ll see both, physicians and patients. Medscape supplies info on medications, in particular, compatibility details, annotations, and the rest.


  • Acknowledged respect. Successful clinicians around the world consider the platform to be valuable and reliable;
  • Impressive design. Medscape is customer-oriented, thus, easy-to-use;
    Massive database. It includes 8.000 drugs reviews;
  • Content diversity. Medscape also offers diverse monographs, illustrations, video material, etc.

The below-mentioned are the main parameters of Medscape:

  • the latest medical updates;
  • FDA validation notifications;
  • relevant articles accessibility;
  • home screen personal settings.

5. RxSaver

And now we’ll discuss the mentioned prescription meds site. The solution is quite popular, and it’s widely applied to find medications at the greatest discounts.


  • Saving up to 80%. The web resource in question searches for the lowest costs of drugs prescribed;
  • Even patients without medical insurance can apply the program;
  • Regular audience will enjoy discount coupons to pay less while medicine shopping;
  • Not only for humans. Certain medications that are made for people will work for pets as well. Users can purchase such drugs through RxSaver.

The application is proud of its multiple useful characteristics, such as:

  • special searching bar;
  • possibility to change prescription details;
  • list of meds with their costs from the closest drugstores;
  • prescription coupons;
  • possibility to check prices.

6. MediSafe

Services like this one serve to plan the treatment.

It’s a great pill tracking app that can substantially support persons having diabetes, heart illnesses, or any other serious diseases. Medisafe serves to remind patients to take meds when it’s required.


  • Health synchronization. HealthKit integration allows storing data in a single place;
  • Due to family accessibility relatives can also help with timely drugs taking;
  • Meds reports could be simply directed to physicians for closer treatment controlling;
  • Diverse drug reminders. No matter, if a cell phone is in sleep mode or patients travel to different time zones, the platform will always remind users of medication intake.

MediSafe features are impressive. See below to be sure of that:

  • drugs interaction verification;
  • pills trackers;
  • reminders to refill;
  • calendar for doctors’ appointments;
  • schedule of composite doses;
  • health conditions monitoring;
  • discounts for pharmacies.

7. Mango Health

It also belongs to treatment scheduling solutions.

Having an original name, Mango Health applies game tools for their audience to enjoy the process. It nurtures individual healthy life habits in an amusing way.


  • Gamification. Users score points by fulfilling particular tasks – say, drugs intake, blood pressure check, and the like – that could be traded for gift cards;
  • Helpful warnings. The program shall alert, in case users are about to take incompatible meds;
  • Valuable reminders. Notifications could be easily customized;
  • Well-deserved fame. The Los Angeles Times and other reliable sources speak much of the advantages of this application.

As to Mango Health key functionalities, we would distinguish the following:

  • medication reminders;
  • drug compatibility alerts;
  • proper lifestyle habits memos;
  • rewards for earned points;
  • day-to-day diary;
  • due time reminders for refilling.

8. NetMeds

This time we refer to medication delivery platforms.

The NetMeds owners claim to provide the most convenient solution to order and deliver pharmaceuticals people need. It takes only several clicks.


  • Great diversity of medications. Users can find any medicine they need, from cough drops to specialized pregnancy stuff;
  • Running 24/7. Orders could be made any time of the day;
  • Multiple payment options. Users can choose any convenient method.

NetMeds functions are even more spectacular than its benefits. Some of the most valuable ones are enumerated below:

  • doorstep deliveries;
  • online consultations with doctors 24/7;
  • free-of-charge follow up consultations;
  • access to health data;
  • drug refill reminders;
  • order details;
  • laboratory tests online.

9. MPR

That’s a great resource for pharmacists. It offers everything drugstore staff need. The MPR audience reaches over 800.000 happy users.


  • Wide range of med content, say, lots of medical monographs, medicine descriptions and other medical data;
  • Pharmaceutical notifications, as well as relevant warnings and alerts;
  • Facilitated navigation, when favorite blocks could be reached fast;
  • Practical clinical instruments, like, calculators, healthcare solutions, etc.

Let’s take a look at the MPR main parameters below:

  • prescription details;
  • fast searching possibility;
  • daily updates;
  • latest news notifications;
  • regular upgrades;
  • over 150 medical diagrams;
  • around 120 calculation tools;
  • offline operation.

10. Pocket Pharmacists

Last but not least, another pharmacists’ program. Despite the application was originally targeted at the US population and their medications, drugstore employees of any country can take advantage of it.


  • Data presented clearly. Expert pharmacists managed to prepare the content in an understandable way;
  • Time tested. The service has been at the market for over 10 years;
  • Impartiality. The given platform isn’t advertising any drug producer, providing only reliable and valid data.

We shall say few words on its features. Here are the key ones:

  • searching;
  • compatibility verifying;
  • quiz;
  • medical organizer.

So, now after having reviewed the most useful nursing solutions are you inspired to build your very own pharmacy application?

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