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10 Things to Expect from a Digital Marketing Consultant

With the way digital marketing has exploded by replacing traditional marketing is just amazing. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find someone who calls themselves a digital marketing consultant. However, as the field is young, just a claim of a digital marketing consultant is not enough.

They need to have solid background knowledge of the industry they have an association with. Such so-called consultants lack the proper knowledge of a professional job. They may have the skill of using digital strategies. However, they may not be as effective in driving results. They may also not know specific strategies for specific brands.

Businesses today invest more than they have to in a digital marketing consultant who does not deliver them the desired results. A study by Social Media Today states that the key to avoiding such failure is to know what you need in a consultant.

Here we give you 10 things you can expect from a digital marketing consultant.

1. Do They Provide Transparency in terms of Reporting?

The most important thing businesses need to keep in mind during the campaign is to keep control of the consultant’s access to information. Whenever the strategy starts for a campaign, you should not let the consultant handle all the data. While an ethically sound consultant will never ask for this and provide a clear reporting proof. There may be instances where these consultants use the data for personal gain.

Data is the key driver in the digital industry, and keeping it safe is the topmost priority. The transparent reports these consultants present shows the progress made during the campaign, while better or worse. A bad consultant will fear that they may lose the client if they show a negative report. A professional consultant knows that if the data has fluctuating numbers, it is not the end. Providing a clear and transparent report is the main factor that distinguishes well from the bad.

2. They Can Guarantee Outputs, Not Outcomes

In the world of digital marketing, the numbers alone cannot guarantee or predict the outcome of the strategy. The best consultants on the planet will never give you a guarantee about how the strategy will work in a year, let alone a month. This also goes out for other areas like social media marketing and content strategy. All the predictions made are nothing more than guesses. If you work with a good consultant, the chances are, they, too, make calculated guesses.

However, sometimes, even good consultants overestimate their abilities and do not consider other factors. As a client, one of the key things you can do here is to separate outputs from outcomes and, as the consultant, figure out which part of the proposal has speculations and which have a guarantee. Replacing the unknowns with relevant numbers proves conservative, but it is better to have a positive surprise rather than a negative one.

3. Responsiveness

Another key aspect of a good digital marketing consultant is the response time they give. Much can happen within a day, depending on a campaign. Some strategies may stop working, or the performance may start to dwindle. A consultant needs to remain vigilant and active in this aspect. They have to remain available to respond to any or all of the issues. In any case, when a consultant cannot guarantee responsiveness, they may either be very busy or do not want to fix the mess they have created. Either way, a responsive consultant means a better response to issues. No matter the time, a responsive consultant will make sure to handle the issue

4. They May Have the Knowledge About Top Trends

A digital consultant needs to know what the newest trend in the market is hot at the time. They need to have knowledge of the latest strategies to keep themselves in the market. Consultants make sure to be updated with what methods and strategies are in practice.

Consultants attend webinars, exhibitions, and conferences to have greater knowledge for their education. The good thing here is that consultants do this at their own expense. There is not a single dime that a company needs to spend on this process. By having updated knowledge, consultants benefit not only themselves but also their clients.

5. Working in A Close Relation

Another expectation that clients have with their consultants is that they want them to work in close relation. Digital consultants help their clients getting rid of the mess of automated processes. In such a case, they also provide customer service to their clients. Using high tech local customer service, clients can reach the consultant with ease. Having local support ensures that they contact the consultant exactly where needed. Consulting firms and individuals know that close relation is the main expectation of clients

6. A Guide For Success

A good consultant comes up with a template that suits the needs of your business. It has tried and tested customizations for successful marketing campaigns as they look into their short and long-term strategies. Moreover, you can ask about past cases that became a formula for success. If they had no recipe for success in the past, chances are your business may also not benefit.

7. Ongoing Optimization

A good consultant always makes sure that optimization has a continuous flow. They do not just optimize once and leave it. Depending on the reports, a consultant has to make adjustments that compliment your optimization for success. All good consultants know that it takes time to develop a good result.

8. Multiple Industry Experience

A good consultant will always have experience in multiple industries in their portfolio. They can generate results as well as recommendations to make the campaign successful. A successful consultant works with an array of clients and implements different strategies wherever needed.

9. Connect To Other Clients

You can expect them to connect you to other clients. The idea here is that a good consultant will help you gain leads and clients for your business.

10. Answer Your Questions

Of course, not everybody is a master of digital sciences and hence may ask many questions from a consultant. A good consultant will always answer the queries positively, so everything remains transparent. This allows the consultant to know the hidden requirements of clients. The clients, on the other hand, expect answers to their questions.


While hiring a digital marketing consultant may give your business a boost in terms of marketing and promotion. Not every consultant has the necessary expertise. Consultants need to prove themselves before gaining the trust of their clients.

The points mentioned above are some of the major expectations that clients have before they approach a consultant. They can hire their needed consultants after they have fulfilled their expectations.

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