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25 Doable Frugal Living Ideas To Save Your Money

Do you still lack funds despite diligently following your budget plan? Do your debts keep building up??

Maybe there’s something wrong with the way you’re living. Adjusting budget and spendings is not enough. You also need to live frugally.

Frugal living is about making mindful choices, not just cheap living. It is considering different ways to save money while enjoying your life without regrets.

Living with frugality means spending less than you earn. Do this by rationalizing spendings before card swiping. Also, you need to cut different expenses.

Are you interested? Learn the different frugal living ideas to save your money. Do it without changing your lifestyle drastically.

Housing and Transportation


Having a car is great, but walking is much more cost-effective. Or you may ride a bike instead of driving when going to the convenience store. It is healthy for the body – an exercise, and saves gas at the same time.

Buy an affordable Car. An auto purchase leaves a big chunk on a bank account. It is one of the largest expenses, so look for a vehicle you can afford. Avoid being tempted by the extravagant car features you don’t even need. Before you head to the dealer shop, determine the type of car you can afford.

Downsize a House

Minimize the cost of living. Although living in a larger home is fantastic, a downsized living space is comfortable. It costs cheaper since you don’t pay for additional square footage.

Modifying transportation and housing won’t hurt your lifestyle. It is more practical.

Bills Payments

Start Budgeting

Prioritize things that matter the most and cut off all unnecessary spendings. Practice saving in advance for occasional purchases like bags, shoes, or an out-of-town trip. If you have to pay a sudden medical bill, get a loan only from legal licensed money lender tampines. Licensed lenders like Clementi money lender have flexible payment terms you can easily repay.

Swap Light Bulbs

Replace all standard bulbs with LED light bulbs. It uses only a fraction of the energy, thus, saves you from having an enormous electric bill. Also, it lasts for years – no need to buy them often.

Adjust Thermostats

Base it on the current weather. During winter, lower it up to 26℃, or wear an extra sweater or a pair of socks. While in summer, set it at 20℃ or have iced-cold water beside you. A programmable thermostat might work for you.

Evaluate Subscriptions

Too many irrelevant subscriptions drag down finances. Browse through your subscriptions. Maintain those worth keeping and cut off insignificant ones.

Stick to these frugal living ideas, and your financial situation will improve.

Foods and Groceries

Create Meal Plan

Be creative. Overcome kitchen fears and utilize that cookware set on the cupboard. See how magnificent it works in your health and savings.

Cook in Bulk

Cook in bulk what is on sale for the week. Freeze it in several portions. Heat it when you consume them. It keeps the budget on track, just like your waistline.

Check the Pantry

Always check the stock and make a meal out of it. It eliminates a weekly trip to the grocery. Thus, it saves money.

Buy in Bulk

Stock up your frequently used items like toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. Buy in larger portions. It is cheaper than the price per unit. For perishable food items, cook them in bulk and freeze them. It prevents food wastage and limits your grocery trip. It saves gas and money.

Grow your Vegetables

Growing your vegetables and herbs is one of the unique frugal living ideas. It is fun to do and saves money – no need to buy produce from the market.

Save a considerable percentage of your budget with these frugal living tips.

Day-To-Day Living

Check out Coupons

Buying in bulk is expensive. Partner it up with coupons. Find out ongoing promotions during grocery and save a few dollars from it. Look for cashback when buying online. Get paid after every successful transaction.

Automate Savings and Investments

Automation is vital for controlling the overspending habit. Do it for retirement savings and bills. Use what’s left for other expenses.

Apply for Part-Time Job

Increase savings by getting a sideline. Try work from home jobs if you work full-time. It is more flexible and offers many exciting options.

Sell some stuff

Reorganize things and separate extra clutter. Instead of throwing out the collections of bags and outgrown shirts, put them on sale. You gain more space at home and earn extra cash.

Utilize reusable items

Bring out eco-bag, plastic containers, and reusable utensils. Use them as often as you can. Disposables harm the environment and your wallet as well.

Being practical is one of the most straightforward ideas for frugal living.

Entertainment and Extracurricular Activities

Check out the Library

A sheer amount of entertainment is available for free in a library. Aside from a wide selection of books, it has movies and magazines. Sign up for a library card and gain access online.

Date Nights at Home

Have a thrifty yet pleasant date at home. Ditch the expensive restaurant reservation. Switch into a board game night or a walkthrough in the neighborhood. Be creative and bond with your partner within your budget.

Thrifty Travel

Book during the “off-season” and look for discounted airline tickets. Opt for a place with a kitchen instead of eating out. It saves you a chunk of cash when traveling to your dream destination.

Fitness at Home

Set aside your gym membership for your savings. Find home workout videos on Youtube instead of paying a trainer. Jog around the backyard, lift water gallons, or dance Zumba at home.

Fun for Free

Having fun does not mean paying more. Tons of free fun things are at your doorstep. Visiting the park, having a picnic, or lighting a bonfire are just a few free fun activities.

Don’t limit your recreation while on a tight budget. Try the frugal living ideas to keep you entertained.

Discretionary Spendings

Make DIY gifts

Gift giving during the holiday season takes an immense amount off your budget. Reduce spending by making gifts instead. Your efforts are more meaningful than your purchases. Find out where your creativity lies.

Find out want vs. need.

Determine if a purchase is necessary or just a spur of the moment. If you can live without it, don’t buy it. Also, stop impulse buying. Think twice before you check out what’s on your cart.

Price Match

Online shopping has a price-match policy. Compare the prices on different sellers before finalizing your purchase. Try to bargain until the match price with the others. Do it also in physical stores but in a respectful manner.

Evaluate where most of your spending goes. Knock out some expenses by applying the frugal living ideas.

A frugal lifestyle opens you to more fun and exciting living options. Make the right choices and get by with less money. Pay off your debts faster while picking personal and professional decisions. Follow the frugal living ideas to save your money.

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