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4 Offline Methods to Promote Your Music Recording Studio

If you own your own recording studio, you probably know by now that building it wasn’t the hardest part of your job. Getting clients is. This is the part that has most recording studio owners struggling. Why? Because a lot of them might not have a proper promotional strategy in place.

To get artists to sign with you, you need to make sure they not only know you exist, but also see you as a promising option to sign on with to excel in their music career.

Here are some foolproof ways to promote your recording studio online.

1. Take on pro bono clients

When you’re starting off, it’s unlikely that you will get huge orders right away. Start off on the right foot and build your client base by starting off with some pro bono clients. This may seem counter productive at first as you won’t be making money in the start.

But when you’re starting out, your goal should be to gain exposure. And taking on a couple of talented musicians for free will help you gain more traction through word of mouth and land you the image of a music recording studio that cares about clients, not just money. In the music industry, maintaining close relationships with your clients and other potential musicians is key to growing, and letting people believe that you’re passionate enough about music to sign them for free will help you build better relations.

2. Attend local events and gig nights for exposure

If your recording studio is based in an active local community that hosts a lot of events, there’s a good chance you’ll find a lot of talent by attending a few of them. Plenty of local musicians, singers, and bands can be seen performing at these open mic nights and events and are often on the lookout to get recognized and signed on by a label.

Check social media and the local news updates for any events happening in your area and stop by to check out the local talent. Take your business card along with you and, if you spot an artist that matches the vibe of your studio, approach them and let them know you’re interested in working with them.

It’s important for you to show your face in the community and let people know you’re in business and on the lookout for some great talent. Introducing yourself to some of the hosts of the shows you attend is also a great way to gain access to the best talent in town.

3. Host a fun launch party

If you want to let people know you’re officially in business and ready to take on clients, there’s no better way to get word out than through a party. Give yourself time to properly plan out a party that allows people to get to know you and your studio without going too over budget.

Host the party in your studio if it’s in a central location, or rent out a more accessible place to attract more people. Send out invitations to as many useful people as you possibly can. Reach out to family and friends, and ask them to bring along or pass on the invite to any musicians they know. Post about your event on social media, and create an event on your Facebook business page. Encourage local musicians to stop by.

Your party could be a basic meet-and-greet, or a full out networking event where you can invite all the musicians you know. Your goal here is to make sure people walk through the doors of your studio and know that you’re in business. This will also help you get to know who lives in your community and how many local prospects you have.

4. Spread the word through vibrant posters

When engaging with potential clients and promoting your business in a local community, you need to pull out all the stops and make sure you’re covering all grounds. This also includes spreading the word about your business in areas that all locals frequent.

Look for places in your community that have high foot traffic and have a set of vibrant, eye-catching music posters ready to be put up. These places can include the local grocery store, community center, newsstands, and more.

With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get free access to a wide range of music posters and flyers to use and customize according to your needs.

Create a free account on PosterMyWall and look for your design of choice. Then hop onto the editor and add in your own touches and additions to make it attractive to your fanbase. Add the following elements to your poster to garner more attention from aspiring musicians:

  1. Add your studio label and logo to the very top of your poster.
  2. Include some themed musical elements to make your poster stand out.
  3. Add in a great offer for a discounted rate for the first 5 musicians to sign on with you.
  4. If you have any other successful, well-known clients, use their names to get more traction.
  5. Add a QR code linking to your site so aspiring musicians can directly access all information on you.

Final thoughts

Promoting your own recording studio is tough work, especially if you’re new to the role and need more attention. To get the traction you need, you have to engage your audience fully and make sure you’re targeting the right people in the right spots.

Use these tips to promote your recording studio in your local community and let people know you’re here to help them achieve their dreams of stardom.

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