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5 Best Task Management Apps for Google Chrome

Hello, guys are you tried to manage multiple tasks for your daily or monthly task schedule? If really you are then you are in the right place. You can easily handle your multiple tasks in one place just using Google chrome task management and to-do list manager apps. Because it’s able to manage multiple tasks.

Google Chrome provides some of the awesome task management apps for their users. In task management & to do list manager apps, you can instantly capture what’s on your mind and share updates with your friends and family, you can organize your life and business in one place, and you can keep your track of time spent on multiple tasks such as studies, works and other things that you have to need for managing multiple tasks.

Things To Consider When Using Google Chrome Task Management Manager Apps

Some of the consideration help you to choose the best task management apps for you. Let me explain that what consideration you need to get the best task management apps.


Chrome apps are better for desktop devices but it’s also important for smartphones. You’ll be right chooser if you choose the application that able to use both of desktop and smartphone devices and plays nicely with all devices.

Easy to Organize

The application contains multiple task management that easy to organize. There are so many great ways to use the apps. It’s user-friendly and easy apps that help to get the better experience.

We have listed top 5 best Google chrome task management and to-do list manager apps that help you to manage multiple tasks in place. So, let’s take a look at the Best Task Managements & To Do List Manager Apps for Google Chrome.

1. Wunderlist – To-do and Task list

Wunderlist – To-do and Task list

Wunderlist – To-do and Task list


Wonderlist is the most popular task management app on Google chrome. It’s the best way to organize your business. These task management chrome apps make it easy to capture worldwide ideas and organize plan and project. Using Wonderlist, you can easily maintain your multiple tasks in one place. You can easily access your Wonderlist task list from anywhere because Wonderlist allows to instantly sync between phone, tablets, and computer. Let’s take a look Wonderlist app features.

Wonderlist Google Chrome App Features:

  • Create task list
  • Share task and collaborate with friends and colleagues
  • Reminder setting
  • Attach PDF, Photo, and presentations
  • Plane for everything
  • Quickly add to-dos and reminders

2. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep – notes and lists


Google Keep is a perfect task management app for Google chrome users. The application able to quick capture what’s your update and share those updates with friends and working team. Actually, Google Keep fully able to organize instant task management. With Google Keep, capture your updates with notes, photos and voice memo and share updates to your right person. Google keep is fully compatible on phone, tablets, and computer, so your thoughts & updates are always with you.

Google Keep Chrome App Features:

  • Capture and share your thoughts
  • Sharing notes
  • Plan for an event
  • Synchronization
  • Categorize notes and color-code

3. Task Timer

Task Timer

Task Timer


Task Timer is simple Google chrome app that able to track about time spent on tasks like work, studies, and other things. This app can keep your reminding tasks. It would be wonderful if you can change the graphics and layouts to be more attractive. It would be also great to have subcategories for each task. Meaning you can have the timer for a project and an add button for the separate tasks you do within the project. The main project can record the total time and the subprojects record individual time. This makes the chart useful only as a record of the current day’s work.

Task Timer Google Chrome App features:

  • Multiple tasks with goals
  • Add task descriptions
  • Different options with start, pause, reset, delete, edit tasks
  • Working progress bars
  • Easily edit task names, time spent, and goal-times
  • Put desktop notifications
  • Put sound notifications
  • Pie charts



Any. Do is another lovely task management chrome app that perfectly keeps organized. This app is great if you want to organize multiple tasks. Using the app, you can perfectly plan for a new task, drag & drop tasks to plan your agenda, attach notes, files & sub-tasks, tasks, notes & sub-tasks and more option that you can use. I definitely recommend to people who like to stay organized. Google Chrome App Features:

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Organize anything
  • Set reminders and notification
  • Sync across all of your device
  • Easily share lists & tasks
  • Plan for events

5. Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet Project Management


Smartsheet is another handy task management & To list manager apps on Google Chrome. This application works with some of best features for task management. Smartsheet user-friendly interface makes you easy to track to do lists, coordinate multiple task planning, keep dates and calendars in sync, and manage any type of project. This application contains Microsoft office features, project management templates, sales, finance, and marketing template, employee info tracker and more options that help you to manage multiple tasks.

Google Keep Main Features:

  • Multiple task management in one place
  • Work with familiar spreadsheet format
  • Task management with alerts, reminders, attachments, file sharing, checklists and more
  • Store files (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote)

Final Verdict

Task management chrome apps perfectly work with on multiple tasks. For organized task with chromebook, it is the best and more user-friendly task management app that helps you to organize multiple tasks, friends, colleagues, and project and I’m sure Google chrome task manager apps enhance your work experience.

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