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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Work-from-home Moms

In the last two decades, the swift adoption of the internet has altered the ways we used to do things. It was a paradigm shift that greatly impacted the perceptions of people about their surroundings.

From executing a peer-to-peer deal to running a whole business, everything has shifted to the internet to some extent if not completely.

Although the rate of incorporating digital solutions by businesses or individuals has always been on the rise for the last few decades, we saw a steeper spike as the world faced pandemic. Working from home became a need of time as the people were obligated to maintain isolation.

Though shifting to online work happened all of a sudden during lockdowns, employees showed increased productivity while working from home. Also, the companies saved the cost of employees’ accommodation at the physical workplace.

Since working from home happened to be in the best interest of both parties, it is obvious that things are not going to restore to their state before the pandemic. Hence, 66% of the employers are redesigning the workspaces to facilitate a hybrid mode of work according to the Microsoft work trend index.

In the light of foreseeable circumstances, one must know how to market themselves digitally to strengthen their online presence and have a competitive edge over others.

Digital marketing in itself is a vast field that is changing every passing day. A digital marketing strategy that used to be prominent last year may not be working anymore. It is because of the platforms adding new features and updating their algorithms quicker than ever before.

A recent study conducted by Flexjobs found that the ideal work mode for 68% of women is remote-only. Hence in this article, we have gathered the following digital marketing tips that are prominent today with our focus on work-from-home moms:

1. Use Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Tiktok

Instagram Reels

Instagram, the fourth largest social media platform with 1,386 million active users, is growing ever since its initial launch in 2010. One of the reasons for the platform’s uninterrupted growth is understanding the changing world trends and adding new features to the platform timely.

One such recent addition is ‘Instagram reels’, a new way to create or watch 15-sec short-form videos. With 72% of people preferring video content over textual content to learn about a new service or a product, Instagram reels are worth a try for work-from-home moms.

Instagram reel can be posted in the feed for followers on an Instagram public account, and it can also be shared to a dedicated place in the Explore feed. Thus, it provides an opportunity to grow your reach and engagement. Learning how to use Instagram reels to boost your engagement and reach can help you stand out in the crowd and attract more clients.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is also a way to create short-form video content of 15 seconds. Where creating a well-scripted YouTube video of 10-20 minutes may take a few days or so, a YouTube Short requires just a few minutes.

It is an enticing option for work-for-home moms to remain in touch with their followers anytime without having to create a long-form video that may require days to shoot, edit, and finally upload.


TikTok is the fastest growing social platform with over 1 billion active users. Unlike YouTube and Instagram that offer many functions other than a 15-sec short video feature, TikTok’s sole function is to let its users create and watch short-form videos.

Hence the time you open the application, you are welcomed with a video that is either by a creator that you follow or a video that is trending in your region. The user doesn’t have an option to preview the video before watching it. To many, it may be a downside, but it is an opportunity for the work-from-home moms who want to increase their reach around their region.

Our next digital marketing tip on knowing your clients will help you choose between Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

2. Know where you are being searched

Although many social and freelancing platforms are general, some platforms are niche-focused. For instance, 99 designs, a freelancing platform, connects only the graphic designers and their employers. Whereas Upwork, another freelancing platform, can be used by a person of any skill or service.

Similarly, not all platforms entertain everyone. So, it is our job to roam around the platforms and know where our clients are.

Even the most-used social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. do not have the same kind of users. For instance, LinkedIn is used by 37% of Generation X (aged 46-55 years) as compared to only 16% of generation Z (aged 15-25 years).

Once you know what age group is using what platform, it will help you understand where to invest your efforts. To illustrate, you may want to focus more on LinkedIn if your services are mostly used by Generation X. Hence, it is recommended to find the right platform with users of your interest.

Now that you have known the online residence of your potential employer, you are ready to incorporate the following tip.

3. Improve the aesthetics of your online profile

Your online profile is the very first thing to face your potential employer’s sight. Hence, it should be appealing enough to make them irresistible from contacting you. The aesthetics of an online profile include but are not limited to a display picture, description, experience, etc.

Again, improving the aesthetics depends on the demographics of your potential employer. An industrialist may be expecting to see you well-suited in a formal dress, so you have to display a picture accordingly. Whereas an employer in search of a graphic designer may be expecting a colorful and creative display picture on your profile.

Furthermore, you need to update the description of your profile in the tone according to your profession. A formal tone may suit you if you are an online tutor, while a confident and engaging tone may suit you if you are a content writer.

An employer looking for a graphic designer must not be interested in your past work experience in WordPress development. Unless you have created a general profile, you must only add the profession-relevant experience.

Last but not the least, you must fill in all the information the platform is giving you the option for. It is for this reason that many platforms’ algorithms rank a profile higher that is well-optimized. To well-optimize a profile, it is recommended to add all the information and do some SEO tweaks that are mentioned later in this article.

4. Create a personal website

To increase your credibility and level of professionalism in the sight of an employer, you must maintain a professional-looking website. It may be a services website or a portfolio website based on your profession.

According to Forbes, 56% of employers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other thing on their resume. Despite this big number, only 7% of the candidates actually have a personal website.

Let’s be in this 7% to impress the 56% of employers by creating a personal website. While creating a professional-looking website, you will need to hire an expert to get this job done effectively. Creating a responsive, glitch-free, and professional-looking website is not a piece of cake; it requires expert-level knowledge of coding and web development.

You must conduct the developer’s java coding assessment before handing over the task. You may also want to assess their designing and SEO skills, but assessing java coding skill is essential since it develops the foundation of a website. This skill-assessing method will make it easier for you to hire an expert who can go above and beyond with your professional-looking personal website.

5. Incorporate SEO everywhere

Although SEO is mostly used to rank websites on search engines, it can also be very helpful if incorporated in online profiles. However, it is mandatory to understand the subject platform’s search algorithm before optimizing the profile.

Since the algorithm of a search engine is its unique selling point, one may not be able to find the platform’s hidden factors easily on which they score and rank profiles. Finding these factors make this job a little hefty, but if done, it is worth it.

At the heart of SEO lies good keyword research. Good keyword research is finding the right keywords that are easy to rank for and bring ample organic traffic. Once you have found the right keywords, you are good to incorporate them in your profile descriptions, images, titles, etc.


Digital marketing is a dynamic field but who knows about tomorrow. The change may happen as soon as tomorrow or as far as a year. So we are bound to surrender ourselves to the present and benefit from the digital marketing tips presented in this article that are valid today.

We may soon see a more interesting platform than TikTok or Instagram that will grab all the users, so the focus of digital marketing will also get inclined towards that. Until then, we must focus on the Instagram reels to have a competitive edge over others today.

We are thankful for your time reading this article. We are positive about your gain from it, and we wish you an improved work-from-home experience.

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