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5 Essentials to Help you Target Your Digital Marketing Effectively

After the upheavals of the past year and the ongoing climate of uncertainty, marketing budgets are typically tighter than ever. But with the trend toward digital commerce, the potential rewards offered by well-targeted digital marketing are greater than ever. Here are a few essentials that every business should be doing right now.

1. Create the persona of your target customer

Unless you’re launching a new business, the first place to start will be to take a deep dive and learn more about your existing customer base. Consider who they are, and also what they need from you?

This can be more complicated if you’re selling B2B, as the person you’re dealing with won’t necessarily be the end-user. Where’s the issue there? Well, your contact may have the price as their most important consideration, or fast email response, while your product or service may have features that ‘speak’ more directly to an end-user. The challenge will be to target both personas effectively.

2. Conduct surveys to get feedback

The easiest way to find out what someone wants is to ask them to tell you. Short surveys on your website and social media platforms can generate valuable feedback which can help you to target your digital marketing and other efforts effectively.

3. Incoming call data

Regardless of the communication channels available to your customers – email, social media, web inquiries, etc, a phone inquiry is still often seen as the quickest and most direct way of getting information before purchasing. A call tracking solution, which can be integrated with other tools, such as Google Analytics and CRM platforms, can provide a wealth of information, especially when it includes speech analytics – helping you to understand how well your marketing campaigns are working. It can also assist your sales team by identifying the priorities and any pain points for potential and existing buyers.

4. Choose the best performing platforms

Response to Facebook ads can inform you about how well you’re targeting potential customers. Given how cost-effective these ads can be, it’s worthwhile experimenting by expanding your target groups – you may be too narrowly focussed on one demographic or geographical range. Also consider alternatives to Facebook, such as Linkedin, which also provides a full range of real-time metrics and analytics to help identify what’s working well. Conversion tracking identifies which ads generate leads and purchases. Of course, the key is to select the platforms most aligned with the interests of your potential customers because the best analysis in the world is no substitute for solid ROI evidence on your bottom line.

5. Follow your competition

It’s likely that your competitors have also done their market research and identified the channels which work best for them – so why not investigate how they communicate with their customers and the response they receive. How are they using their social media pages? Could you improve on the way they do things to get the edge when potential customers are searching for a company to deal with?

And as the price is often a significant deciding factor, ensure that you understand their pricing strategy, so that you can highlight how cost-effective your products are.

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