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How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) using Zcash (ZEC)?

Although the crypto industry is known due to the impressive popularity of Bitcoin, there are other noteworthy digital coins. Zcash is one such altcoin.

In case you want to find out how to purchase bitcoins using ZEC or vice versa, this guide is just for you. It’ll provide you with useful pieces of information, so you could buy the desired tokens without any difficulties. Just follow the tips provided below.

Visit to Convert ZEC to BTC

If you enter an unfair crypto exchange, you risk losing your digital coins without a chance to get them back. As soon as you deposit your tokens, the scam exchange may block your account and you will never see your crypto assets again.

That’s why you should carefully research the website you’ve chosen for your digital transactions. To make your life easier, we offer you to get acquainted with This crypto exchange has been around since 2017 and hasn’t been accused of any unfair activities. You are welcome to check out their reviews on Trustpilot to prove this.

The service offers a variety of advantages, which attract even professional crypto investors.

Protection of your private data

The website uses SSL encryption methods to ensure the protection of its users’ funds. And the possibility to convert cryptocurrency anonymously is a pleasant bonus to this important feature.

You don’t have to go through the verification procedure on this platform. You don’t even need to sign up. Thus, you can get any digital coin without revealing your personal data.

Access to a variety of cryptocurrencies

Not every crypto exchange supports Zcash. So, it’s a challenge to find a reputable service, which lists this digital coin. The good news is that offers access to more than 200 different tokens including ZEC and, of course, BTC.

In addition, the platform fixes the offered rates when you perform an exchange. Therefore, you can be sure you won’t suffer from the possible market price fluctuations. The crypto industry is extremely unpredictable, so if you appreciate stability, opt for

Absence of transaction limits

Sometimes, the impossibility to exchange more than 2 BTC is just irritating. Unfortunately, the majority of popular crypto exchanges force their clients to split large transactions into several parts by setting daily and monthly limits. So, if you are looking for a ZEC to BTC converter without any restrictions, get familiar with the Godex services.

Detailed Guide to Buying BTC Using ZEC at Godex

In case you’ve just entered the world of cryptocurrency, you will be glad to discover that Godex has a clear newbie-focused website design. However, if you don’t want to make a mistake, please, follow the simple steps described below.

Step 1. Choose the necessary pair

First of all, it’s important to select the digital coins you want to exchange. Everything you need to do is to select BTC and ZEC. After that, enter the number of Zcash coins you want to convert in the “You Send” window. The service will automatically calculate the amount of BTC that you will get after the exchange.

Consider that Godex offers the latest prices, which you may check on the well-known TradingView. Besides, you may see the daily market changes on the charts.

If you want to convert BTC to ZEC, you may use the “Vice Versa” button, which is located between the “You Send” and “You Get” buttons. In this case, the service will automatically calculate the changes, too.

Step 2. Convert the digital coins

As soon as you decide how much Bitcoin you want to convert, you should click on the “Exchange” button. The service will ask you to enter the address of your BTC wallet. Please, be extremely careful while doing it and check out the written information twice. In case you make a mistake, the exchanged cryptocurrencies will be lost forever.

Step 3. Confirm the exchange

The platform will show you the information about your transaction again. Check it out and if everything is okay, confirm the exchange. Godex will inform you about the time you have to wait before the conversion is completed. As a rule, it takes up to 30 minutes. Also, the service will send you a message when the coins are transferred to your e-wallet.


On, anyone can buy Bitcoin without facing any challenges. Still, if you have any issues, you are welcome to get in touch with the platform’s team via popular social media such as Instagram and Twitter, or via the dedicated website section.

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