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5 Proven Ways to Create Eye-Catching Video for Social Media

Video marketing is the future. Whether you’re going live to host a webinar or showcasing a quick peek behind the scenes of your business, there’s no better way to connect with a vast audience.

However, many businesses are aware of this incredible marketing opportunity. As such, you’ll need to bring your A-game to stand out in the noise.

Here are five proven ways to create eye-catching social media videos.

Use a Video Making App

This recommendation may seem obvious, but businesses often overlook it when creating video content. Rather than crafting your video on TikTok or editing with iMovie, use an app that’s specifically designed to edit and publish social media videos.

When you use a social maker app for Android or iPhone, you have the benefit of starting with a template that’s optimized for your platform. Furthermore, you can easily add text and brighten your visuals all from one central location. A social media video app allows you to alter your video for various platforms rather than having to start from scratch.

Lighting and Stability Matter

The video recording equipment in smartphones is better than many of the now-obsolete, once-expensive cameras used in professional video production. The difference between a professional-looking video and one that’s low-quality is often as simple as lighting and stability.

When making a video, ensure you have bright, even lighting. Use a targeted focus to prevent white-outs or shadows. When recording, use a tripod or stand to keep the camera steady. It’s these subtle differences that make a significant impact when someone is scrolling through their newsfeed.

Add Text Elements

People prefer to consume their content in a variety of ways. When someone is on the go or in a crowded room, listening to a video may not be an option. As such, text elements are a vital part of a successfully eye-catching social media video.

Add closed captions to replace speech so that viewers can enjoy your content without sound. You can also use text overlays to tell a story when showing a series of clips, rather than narrating. Travel destination social media videos often use this strategy to share captivating information about a location over beautiful imagery.

Craft a Stunning Thumbnail

That split second before a video starts holds a lot of weight in determining whether someone will scroll by or stop and watch. Don’t make the common rookie mistake of letting a social media platform choose your thumbnail.

Craft a thumbnail that uses the most visually compelling part of your video to grab someone’s attention. It might be the clear, crystalline waters of a travel destination or chocolate pouring into a pan on a baking video. If you have a person speaking in a video, choose a thumbnail that looks flattering and posed not the speaker frozen with their mouth open.

Additionally, consider adding a hook to the start of your video. This hook could be a compelling piece of text on the thumbnail or a video clip of something interesting that happens later. For example, a makeup tutorial video might show a brief clip of the finished product before the tutorial starts.

Make it Mobile Friendly

More than half of internet users consumed video content from a mobile device in the last year. Social media consumption, in particular, tends to be a mobile-driven event. What does this mean for businesses creating social media video content? It must be mobile-friendly.

To make your video content mobile-friendly, take time to understand aspect ratios when recording and editing. Keep in mind that mobile viewers prefer a vertical format rather than turning their phones horizontally.

Use these strategies to create eye-catching videos that encourage viewers to stop scrolling and start paying attention to your business.

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