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6 Benefits Of Twitter Marketing for Your Business

When Twitter first started in 2006, it was an online messaging board that people could update via text. Look at what it has become barely two decades later! Its growth has pushed people to use it as a platform for businesses, social causes, news briefings, and more. Even celebrities take to Twitter to share good news, offer apologies, raise awareness about causes, or even congratulate each other on awards. That’s how big this platform has become, and if you want to grow your business, it’s the place to be. So, what makes it so special as a marketing tool?

1. It Helps You Drive Traffic to Your Business

Twitter is an easy way to get noticed by your target audience. If you can engage them enough to spark interest in what you have to offer, your CTAs will bear good fruit. So, how do you do this? You should start by growing an audience that relates to what you sell. But organic growth takes a lot of time, especially when starting on a clean slate. We advise that you purchase cheap Twitter followers to foster more organic growth. Once that is out of the way, you can start tweeting about your products and what makes them valuable. And here is the key to tweeting – you must be consistent. New businesses should tweet about 10 times a day to get noticed. That helps you set the tone for your content and inbound marketing strategies. And once you see the results trickling in and your business starts growing, you should increase your tweets!

2. It Helps You Build Connections

Have you ever been curious about what your audience thinks about your products or wants from you? Twitter allows you to receive direct messages in your inbox. All you need is to turn on the messaging feature for accounts that follow you. That allows your followers to pop in, say hi, and share their feedback without posting it on your page. Or better yet, you can allow anyone to send you a message. Some people are slow to follow new accounts before interacting with them. But such an avenue would prompt them to assess your responses and engagement. And if you put your best foot forward, you can build a connection with users who can generate positive user-generated content for you!

3. It Helps You Network

No business exists as an island. Even monopolies work with other businesses to keep running. So, think about who you can partner with and use your Twitter marketing to become more attractive to such stakeholders. Let’s assume you run a fast-food restaurant. Many industries can partner with you. For example, you can work with an industry that processes meat, another that manufactures soft drinks, and another that focuses on branding. Those are but a few of the businesses whose activities can help your business thrive. Your business also needs people. Through Twitter, you can appeal to more influencers who can try your products and spread the word. Twitter is the place to showcase what you do and attract people who can benefit from the same.

4. It Helps You Reach More People

What happens when you use a hashtag in your tweet? Say, for example, your business deals with international tourism, and you’re planning a getaway to the Maldives. Assume you use a hashtag like #travel. Who would you reach? What if you used #touringMaldives? Don’t you think you would attract people looking for information about touring the Maldives? The chances are high that most people following such a hashtag would be contemplating such a trip. And if your price, timing, and other factors suited them, you would garner some followers and perhaps some sales. But without these tags, it would be almost impossible to zero in on interested Twitter users. So, the next time you are about to post a tweet, ask yourself about what your target audience searches. Then use that hashtag in your tweet. But make sure it’s relevant to your business to avoid creating confusion about what you do.

5. It’s a Content Distribution Tool

Social media platforms are excellent avenues to launch your content marketing strategies. But what is content? That’s where some businesses go wrong. They focus so much on selling the product that they come off as aggressive and unlikeable. People somehow get used to the idea that the business is all about sales and does not care much about offering value to its audience. When using Twitter, think about going the extra mile. For example, if you run a nutrition program, why is it important to your audience? Remember that most people will not just click on CTAs or follow your lead. They want to understand your values before they can buy your products. So, instead of offering sales and discounts, you can include educational or motivational content. Here’s an example – teach people how to create healthy meals or eating habits for free. These tidbits will show that you are not only after their money but instead want to help them. And once you have created trust in an audience, conversion is much easier!

6. It Allows You to Be Repetitive

On most social media platforms, posting the same thing repeatedly comes off as annoying. Moreover, posting more than a few times a day comes off as too much and can bar you from accessing a sizeable audience. But on Twitter, you can post even more than 10 times a day. So, if you have a torrent of ideas, you can keep feeding them to your audience all day. And that allows you to test different content ideas and gauge how your audience reacts to them. It also allows you to assess the insights and determine when your audience is most active or receptive to your tweets. What happens if you don’t post often? Well, the relevance of your last tweet disappears amid the millions of tweets being posted during the day.

Finally, Twitter is the best place to highlight your brand voice. With limited characters to boot, you have no choice but to exude your brand’s personality and let it shine. Have fun!

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