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6 Tips For Motivating Your Team

Changes always cause anxiety, stress, and uncertainty to those affected as well as those implementing change. The changes also affect the performance and motivation of both parties. Your team is more likely to achieve success if they are motivated. Motivation is a crucial part of team building. It can also be a challenge for the team leader.

Unfortunately, most managers result to fear or using accrued goodwill to achieve the results they desire, because while they may be successful, the success is only temporary and does not do any favors for their credibility. The best way to motivate staff is by using people-oriented leadership styles.

The tips below are a proven method of motivating your team.

1. Setting Clear Goals

The best source of intrinsic motivation according to experts is goal setting. People are motivated to do tasks if they are interested in the task. If you set clear and specific goals you will stand a better chance of getting better team output. A team with clear goals is also more likely to perform better. Ensure the goals are measurable and clear. Setting a deadline is a good way to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Empower Your Team

If your employees are to participate in any activity, you should emphasize communication, direct involvement of the team members in the decision-making process, and openness. Facilitate discussions and give support to the team to help them solve problems. As your team gets more confident, committed, and competent, give them more challenging tasks to help them hone their decision-making skills.

3. Appreciation Matters

Everybody loves being appreciated for the work they do, and your team is not any different. Showing the team members that you are interested and committed to their improvement is crucial.

Remember that a team with members that are dedicated to achieving the end goal can face any challenges better than one that is not and will cultivate a strong sense of friendship during the process. Tracktime 24’s leave management system will allow you to ensure that everyone is taking the leave they are entitled to and manage the workload accordingly.

4. Tell Your Team Your Vision

Defining your vision and articulating it may be pretty straightforward, but the same cannot be said for inspiring others to see your vision through your eyes. Inspiring your team needs a clear and simple vision, as well as a relevant one. Make sure your team sees you as trustworthy, credible, and believable.

5. Support The Team In The Right Ways

It is helpful when the team leader allows the members to try new approaches and develop on their own. Remember that changes often mean that your team is required to learn new skills that help them understand new ways of working. Ensure the team has enough training and resources to develop their new skills.

6. Health and Wellbeing

A happy and healthy workforce is a more productive workforce and enticing your team to stay happy and healthy is important. Encouraging exercise, relaxation and a better diet can cost a business some money, but it repays itself massively – cutting turnover, increasing productivity and motivation.

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