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CMO: Learn From the Expert and Help Your Business

The CMO or Chief Marketing Officer is the executive in charge of a company’s marketing activities. Because of their crucial role in a company’s success, a hiring manager will likely take extra time to select one with an exceptional CMO resume. So, a carefully selected CMO means company leaders appreciate and value marketing efforts, right?

Well, not exactly. A lot of people don’t see many advantages to marketing. For example, a finance department might see marketing endeavors as little more than an expense. And some company heads only consider bottom line sales results.

Regardless of how others view it, marketing still plays a significant role in any company. And, if you’re a company leader, you can actually learn how to improve the company and its success from your CMO. Here are a few things you can learn from a CMO’s expertise.

You need to get your company in front of people

If you focus too much on product development and not marketing, your product probably won’t matter. You may have great merchandise, but if no one knows your product and company exist, how will you have customers? Yes, having a website or having a beautifully crafted Instagram feed may not necessarily bring in buyers. But it creates a ton of awareness for you and your product. And it’s a great way of engaging your target customers. When people start talking about you and your brand, that’s marketing at work.

Prepare for the long game

If you only think about profit, it will limit your growth. Sure, it’s critical to earn money – that’s what businesses are supposed to do. But you’re not building a one-and-done company. Your company is something that you want to last for years. And success is not overnight. So, just because you feel like something is not working, don’t suddenly stop. CMOs often implement tactics that take time. Trust your CMO’s long game, especially if they have presented you with a strategic marketing plan.

Data is everything

How do you know if your marketing is really working? You look at the data, just like an experienced CMO does. Don’t make decisions because you “feel like it” or only follow gut instinct. In business, you have to put emotion aside and check the facts. That’s what a CMO would do. Because they want the company to succeed, they rely on actual and solid data. That helps them help you save the company money by not spending it on things that don’t work. Data also helps increase profits by showing what areas are worth the extra investment.

Look to the future or be left behind

The only thing constant about marketing is that it changes. Your CMO knows that quite well, as marketing and marketing tools have continued to evolve over the years. The move from traditional marketing to digital marketing has been quite enormous. As your CMO is a forward-looking person, you must be too. Stop resisting change and embrace it instead. If it means having to use a new platform like Tiktok, do it! If your company can change with the times, it will appeal to your audience even more.

In conclusion, your chief marketing officer is more than just another business administration position in your company. They can offer valuable lessons to help you drastically improve your business. Listening to your CMO benefits everyone involved. You won’t regret it!

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