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7 Oversights People Make When Trying To Build A Home Based Business

Working from home and pursuing your passion has never been more popular. In the last few years there has been a growth of start-up developments and companies in times of uncertainty. While starting a business from the ground up and from the comfort of your own home there are a few important things that you need to avoid.

Not Setting Boundaries

Working from home can save you hours on travelling and money on office space which is ideal when starting a new business. However, working at home can have its distractions, that’s why it’s important to separate your work life from your personal life. When you start your day, you need to put yourself into work mode and stick to your schedule. Limit distractions and start at a time just as if you were in an office. Dress as if you were going into an office and make sure to tell external sources your working times so they know when it’s appropriate to reach you.


Just as its important to apply yourself to achieve success in your business endeavours, its equally important to give yourself breaks, whether this is an hour at lunchtime or another half an hour in the morning. Overworking and not sticking to a regular 9 to 5 schedule can lead to burn out and lack of motivation and increase of exhaustion. “Remember to start and end your day just as if you were working in a regular office. Running yourself into the ground will only lead to a decrease of development in your business growth” explains Linda Dell, a business writer at Academized and Viawriting.

Beginning The Day With No Plan

Starting your day without a plan ahead can lead to confusion and procrastination. Without setting up goals and tasks for the day ahead you won’t be able to see any progression or growth. By setting up daily goals you’ll feel accomplished will be able to see a direct link between your work and what you have achieved after a day of working effectively.

Unsuitable Workspace

As mentioned, it’s important to separate work life and personal life and essential to reach goals and increase productivity. Make a separate space, away from distractions and noise, to work effectively . While it can be tempting to work from the comfort of your bedroom or couch it can lead to more distractions and time wasted. Clear a space, whether that’s a kitchen table or workspace corner and only use it for work.

Doing Everything On Your Own

Trying to manage everything on your own can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Try and limit the number of tasks you’re doing by asking for external help. Whether this help is asking a family member or friend with expertise or even making use of Linkd-in and networking with others who have more experience than you. Reaching out is incredibly normal especially when growing a new business.

Avoiding Technology

Using the right technology and tools are essential for growing your business. We live in an age with so much new technology at our fingertips, take advantage of this newfound digital age and research what technology you need to grow your business. “Without using new technology you won’t be able to attract customers or interest from partners. Keeping up to date with the newest technology will make you appear ahead of others” says James Hart, a marketer at Studydemic and Boomessays.

Fearing Failure

At one point or another we all fail. Failing is not only an integral part of the business, it’s a part of life. Without failing we would never learn from our mistakes. Take out the notion that failing is bad and don’t let it falter your abilities. Without failing we would not succeed so instead give yourself permission to fail. Failing is part of your journey to grow your business.

In conclusion there are many things that you need to avoid when building your business from home. The important thing to remember is that these are just some of the things and the only way to improve is by trail and error. Take out the fear of failure and focus on your goals. Make lists and limit your distractions. While we all want to be successful it won’t happen overnight, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and so you need to give your business time and patience.

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