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Effective Educational Software for Students 2020

As the academic burdens increase, students need more help than ever to keep up with their studies. Online educational software has surely transformed the world and became an integral tool in numerous classrooms worldwide. Because of the immense use of technology, educators can improve the learning environment and students can learn more effectively.

Due to the increase in interest, you can currently find all kinds of educational software on the market. There are tools for making references, taking notes, dictionaries, tutorial software, study organization, simulations, and whatnot. Now without any further ado, I’d like to introduce the top choices for 2020.

1. OneNote

Notes are crucial if you want to be a successful student and study more efficiently. However, this can become rather complex when you have many classes and never-ending piles of written notes to organize. This is why the OneNote app is a perfect tool for you. It allows you to write notes instantly, share them with others, and store them for future work. Not to mention, the app has highlighting and pen-marking features.

2. PDFElement

In your education, you’ll need to handle different file formats. When you need to send your paper in or print it out, it is safest to put it in PDF so that everything remains as it is. With the PDFElement tools, you can transfer your files between platforms, convert PDF, as well as open PDF files on your device.

The tool allows you to edit PDF documents, which can be extremely useful. You can share these and collaborate with your peers and instructors, resize documents to send them in messages, and change the format between 300 different formats.

3. Polarr

Very often, students need to do some photo editing. Even if you aren’t a photography student, this app can come really handy. It’s not Photoshop-like as most apps are nowadays. Instead, it offers numerous filters and is quite intuitive.

4. TheSage Dictionary

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you cannot think of a word? Or maybe you’ve read something you cannot understand? Well, if this is the case, then you need this simple-to-use dictionary in English. It has over 210000 definitions, as well as antonyms and synonyms that should help you with your paper writing.

If you don’t have the time to scour the big dictionary, you might want to call up Edubirdie in the UK to do this for you. Their writers have put in good words for this particular dictionary which, judging by their excellent writing capabilities, is a great sign.

This app works as a rhyme assistant and you can do phonetics and wildcard learning, too.

5. Sensavis

Sensavis is a really modern educational and interactive software. It’s used by numerous universities and schools since it offers quality instruction for different science subjects. You can use great research paper topics or this tool to study or provide content in different subjects, get in-depth instruction, and even to create videos.

6. Edmodo

A lot of the time, you’ll need to connect with your teachers and other students outside of the classroom, too. While email is still popular, it’s not really fast and as outreaching as this direct collaboration software. Edmodo provides unlimited storage for instructors and is excellent for their collaboration. It also allows parental access to your tests, homework, and grades.

As a student, you can use this tool to find educational content and videos, as well as keep track of your academic performance.

7. GeoGebra

This choice of a tool is more oriented toward math students. So, if you need some help with algebra, graphics, geometry, or even doing spreadsheets, GeoGebra is ideal for you. You can use it on your smart device and laptop and share your creations with others.

8. Grammarly

All those papers you have to write need to be edited before submission. This means that you need to leave at least an hour extra to proofread and edit each of your projects, which can be a torture. Not to mention, it is really easy for the writer to miss their own mistakes no matter how many times or how careful he looks.

You should definitely proofread and edit the papers manually as well as with the spell checkers in your program. But, you can also use the free or paid Grammarly version to find some mistakes that aren’t so easily recognizable. This tool can look for plagiarism, too, so it’s a win-win for you!

Have you by chance tried any of these tools? They are created with one goal in mind – to make your life easier. When you find yourself in a pickle and need some assistance, find the suitable software and test it out.

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