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Advantages Of SAP Integration With Robotic Process Automation On Various Industries

Find out how various industries have benefited with integrated SAP and Robotic Process Automation software!

The inception of digital transformation has evolved in ways unimaginable. This has paved the way for smarter and smoother business conduct. Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and SAP Technologies have brought about a larger than life change in the world of business networking. However, amongst all the technological leaps and bounds we have achieved, one technology stands out in stark contrast.

That’s right, we are talking about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that’s been hitting the headlines ever since it came to light.

Robotic Process Automation in All its Glory!

RPA is an ever-evolving technology used for digital transformation. It is based on software robots that help automate business operations that save human effort and input! When RPA is combined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it improves the overall efficiency which in turn boosts the sales of your company. RPA’s robustness is designed to deal with a bulk of repetitive tasks with absolute ease.

What it does is imitate human actions while performing a particular task. This includes handling queries, calculations, data entry and maintenance of records and transactions. According to the Global Survey conducted by Deloitte in 2018, more than 53% of organizations have already taken Robotic Process Automation in stride to ease business processes. Since then the use of RPA has only increased in these two years and it doesn’t look like it going to slow down any time soon.

SAP Integration with Robotic Process Automation

SAP or Systems Applications Products is a comprehensive ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software that has embraced the RPA technology for the better. The main reason for this move is to help automate a whole range of back-office tasks using the technique the Robotic Process Automation operates on.

The vendor of the software has taken the decision to invest in the next and improved version of RPA. This would assist SAP to automate business processes that are repetitive in nature across departments and industries.

Juergen Muller, the Chief Innovation Officer of SAP states that machine learning with these technologies acts as the brain that helps manage and guide the RPA bots to implement various processes.

This shows how beneficial this integration actually is for commercial entities across the world. It has opened up several new opportunities that businesses from various industries can exploit and make the most of.

Industries Benefiting from SAP and RPA Integration

The Finance Sector – The finance and banking sectors have undergone a 360-degree change with both RPA and SAP technology integration. This combination has helped the finance sector automate work related to data entry and data validation along with end-to-end management of customer accounts. All the information required to process mortgage and loan requests along with the appropriate forms is available in real-time; all thanks to these integrated technologies.

The Telecom Sector – We all know that the telecom industry deals with a gigantic amount of data waiting to be processed. The accumulation of customer data combined with huge inputs made streamlining of processes rather difficult. Now with SAP and RPA integrated software, data can be collected and validated through phone systems. What’s more, you will be able to get your hands on competitor pricing with the help of comparative analysis available in the system.

The Manufacturing Sector – The manufacturing industry has benefitted from SAP solutions as this has played an important role in its success for a very long time. But with the added benefit of integrated RPA, the ERP software automation, monitoring of data and, logistics escalation have all moved to the next level which is more streamlined and straightforward.

The Healthcare Sector – SAP software integration with Robotic Process Automation has given the healthcare industry an almighty boost. Obtaining patient data, report preparation, health metrics monitoring and processing of the bill are some of the most substantial contributions made easy because of RPA technology.

The Retail Sector – When it comes to reaping the benefits of the SAP and RPA technologies, the retail sector is not far behind. The real-time integration of these technologies has helped the retail industry to collect information related to products and derive valuable analytics. It has also helped improve the inventory management system which is quite helpful.

Why SAP and RPA Technologies are the Future of Business Automation

SAP solutions and Robotic Process Automation are changing the way business is conducted across industries. The robotic bot assists businesses to make operational processes automatic. At the same time, it places emphasis on reducing costs and adding to the overall business efficiency.

This makes it apparent why the amalgamation of machine learning with artificial intelligence has given the necessary boost required to accelerate technological automation.

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