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What Impact Can Super Fast Internet Have on Your Business?

The internet is one of the crucial parts of running a business. Your business doesn’t just require an internet connection, but rather a fast, secure, and reliable one for that matter. Fast internet makes it possible to conduct business with the efficiency and reliability needed, hence vital for the success of your business. However, in the 21st century world,it is still very important to consider the pros and cons of online presence or the visibility of your business on the web while having to deal with more advantageous internet connections for your business.

Fibre-optic internet is thus considerably much better and more advantageous than traditional internet connections. Outlined below are some of the advantages of fast internet for your business.

1. Increased/Stable Speeds

Every second counts in the business world. For this reason, fibre internet provides you with more stable and better internet speeds that make it possible for employees to download and upload documents and files at ease. Documents that would otherwise take minutes to download/upload on traditional connections only take a fraction of the time on fibre-optic internet. Fast internet thus saves you time and money in the long run.

2. Greater Reliability

Fibre-optic internet isn’t affected by distance nor time. This is unlike DSL and copper that records significant degradation with distance and time, and are also affected by severe weather as well. One of the benefits of fibre-optics is the fact that it is resistant to corrosion and bad weather. This thus means improved reliability over the competition. You also don’t have to worry about line of sight, or distance from the switch, for as long as you are on fibre optic internet.

3. Stable/Stronger Signal

Technology investment firm, Maxfunding says, “traditional internet connections have a reputation for suffering from signal degradation with distance from the switch. This, however, isn’t the case with fibre internet signals that remain stable and strong even over long distances.” They explain, “when you are on a faster fibre optic internet connection, latency is significantly reduced. Your employees will thus never have to worry about a weak signal on their end.”

4. Faster Cloud Access

Faster internet speeds and bandwidth makes access to cloud-based applications and data almost instantaneous. According to a survey conducted by Right Scale, 96% of respondents (businesses) use cloud computing. This thus makes fast internet crucial for the smooth running of business operations. Fibre-optic internet gives your business a competitive edge over rival companies.

5. Enhanced Security

Fibre-optics provide better online security than traditional connections. One of the reasons why is that a hacker (or other malicious people) would have to literally cut the optics cable to be able to eavesdrop on your connection. This provides enhanced security for all data transmitted via the fibre-optics connection. The improved speeds make it possible to monitor security and surveillance systems from anywhere on the globe, anytime. Nexus-net has also listed other security benefits of fibre-optic internet that you may want to know of.

6. Supports Multiple Users

With a fast internet connection, several employees can log on and work online simultaneously without experiencing a degraded service or slow internet speeds. Faster internet connections also make it possible for multiple devices to connect simultaneously with no problems at all. This is particularly vital for teams working offsite and looking to access all cloud-based applications and services at the same time.

7. Reduced/No Frustration

Working with a slow internet connection can be particularly frustrating. No one wishes to wait for centuries for a website to load or download a file. Slowdowns not only contribute to increased stress levels but also cost you time and money.

Fibre-optics enables employees to collaborate, chat, and even hold online conferences without any hitches. Fast internet also makes them calm and confident in the office.

8. Saves You Money

Fast internet and little to no downtimes means you can focus on work. This saves you time and money in the long run, hence an even better chance to succeed.

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