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Are There Really Blockchain University Programs That Pay Students Who Want to Study?

Although there are a lot of educational institutions today that offer blockchain programs, two universities stand out from the rest as they afford their students the opportunity to make a wage while they study.

At MIT and Berkeley, people may get well-paid internships at different companies that deal with blockchain. Generally speaking, students choose part-time jobs that allow them to be students and employees simultaneously without any consequences for the quality of their studying.

Nate Foss, head of the MIT Bitcoin Club, explained that his employees use special Slack channel that deal with job opportunities within crypto. In addition, his students network involves prone to hiring undergraduates enterprises.

Foss explained that although there are no formal programs, there are many employes who prefer and work particularly in startups.

UC Berkeley

Blockchain at Berkeley is not merely an on-campus student’s club, it’s a stand-alone, formal institution dedicated to all things blockchain-related. Its a company with personal fund that deal with student-run services, BaB, provides a great opportunity for those who want to find jobs in Silicon Valley, or example.

Katherine Plotz, head of Business Development at BaB, says that BaB provides its members with invaluable experiences, that deals directly with an area in which they wish to be employed in. Since its conception in 2016, many BaB alumni have gone on to launch their own successful crypto-related enterprises — you may even recognize some of the more notable names, including:

  • Opyn (raised $2.16 million)
  • Dekrypt Capital venture fund
  • She265, a feminist advocacy group

It’s just an example of several successful organizations that have been launched by inspired students, thanks to BaB.

BaB co-President Liam DiGregorio went on to explain that he took the course for developers offered by BaB, due to its outstanding reputation.

The MIT Effect

MIT is considered to be home to crypto cultures on the East Coast. When COVID-19 hit, some educational institutions became more flexible in regard to their alumni taking a leave of absence. For example, Nate Foss has recently terminated his undergraduate studies before graduation. Prior to 2017, he had no idea what bitcoin even was, but now, this field has become his passion and has opened up an entirely different career path.

Foss explained that he, along with his partners (including another friend from MIT) were directed to design an open platform that could easily be built with little technical experience. In response, they designed and created the decentralized metaverse startup, Gather. This startup doesn’t exactly deal with crypto per se, as Foss doesn’t like superfluous marketing widgets; however, it revolves around the main ethos he learned from the Bitcoin community — the culture of MIT is concentrated more on conservative distributed systems than on token trends.

Foss is certain that MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative, under the direction of Neha Narula, is the most influential club on campus, with many students opting for paid credits. He explained that many club members have been working closely with them on further undergraduate research opportunities.

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