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Best App Killers For Android That You Can Use

In today’s mobile market, you can find a whole range of devices that assure an incredible battery life and a good performance. However, not every Android user is using the latest smartphone or even the most updated Android operating system. Given that a massive population of Android users are still using the age-old mid-range or outdated devices, it is fairly reasonable to say that they aren’t getting the best performance or the battery life from their smartphone devices. So, how do you improve your phone’s battery life and performance?

Here, we have come up with a few of the best app killers that can be used by Android users to accentuate the performance and the battery of your smartphone.

Top App Killers Android


Greenify is by far the best Android app for battery saving. Though it doesn’t specifically claim to kill apps, it certainly is the number one task killer for Android. You can use this app to identify all the apps on your phone that are draining your phone’s battery life. It will then go on to limit their background performance. It is primarily done by putting these applications in a state of hibernation. This results in a massive improvement in performance and battery life. If you are using the latest version of Android, you can use the Aggressive Doze Mode of Greenify, which amplifies the features of the Doze mode, making them far more effective. Zain, a provider for assignment help Australia, says that for him, Greenify is the go-to app that he takes refuge in every time his phone gets a little old and stops delivering the same performance or battery life as in the past. With the background app hibernation feature, you’ll never see any device lagging. It could certainly be a great benefit for all the low-end Android devices.


One of the very few app killers found on the Play Store that works as it claims. Just as suggested by the name, it kills all the apps that you are currently running by a simple tap of the button. Furthermore, with Kill Apps, you can anytime disable a particular app that’s draining your phone’s performance or battery life by restricting their background performance. The good thing about KillApps is that it supports system apps and the third-party apps too.

So, with KillApps, you can easily restrict all the applications that hog onto your phone’s battery life. In addition to it, KillApps also comes with a custom list feature, wherein you can select a list of the apps from your phone and set some rules around it to boost your phone’s performance. Kayne, an online statistics homework help at TAE provider, says that he particularly loves KillApps because it is incredibly easy to use and set up, and with it, it only takes a little effort to make the smartphone more efficient and fast. If you do not wish to kill the applications manually every time, you can give your phone the Accessibility permission. Other top-rated features of KillApps include Lag remover, RAM cleaner, Speed Booster, and Game Booster.


Another Android app that is next to perfect to kill the applications on your phone is the Kaspersky Battery Life. The app works efficiently to close the applications running in the background and accentuate the battery life. It also does wonders to phone’s performance. With Kaspersky, you can easily shut down all the apps which are unnecessarily running in the background and then restricts their activities.

If by chance, the application restricts your top-used applications like YouTube, or Facebook, or WhatsApp, you don’t need to worry, just whitelist them in the scanner list, and you can use them as before. Shanaya, a top-rated provider of homework and essay writing services at EssayWriter4U, says that she uses the Kaspersky application to monitor all the applications of her phone and then block the ones that are draining the battery life. The great thing about this application is that the statistics of the battery life are far more insightful and detailed. You will be notified every time a particular application is acting out.

App Killer and Manager

James, who found help at TrumpLearning for best digital marketing course online, says that he loves the App Killer and Manager as it helps him get rid of all the services, apps, and the tasks running in the background. With a simple tap of the button, you can locate all the hidden apps and services that are consuming the top resources of your smartphone, such as internet connectivity, CPU, and RAM.

Thereafter, you can inspect the chosen applications and then block them out completely. It is will free up the RAM and boost the performance of your phone, assuring a better battery life.

Furthermore, the application has a memory cleaner that will help you get rid of all the unnecessary processes by killing them in the background. The App Manager where you can get extensive information about every 3rd party app is the best feature of this application.

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