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Best examples of Parallax

Social networks, video hosting sites, applications, websites, blogs all this is developed by web designers. The relationships that affect user experience allow the site owner to take action that will significantly improve sales in the future. Website design is the most important tool capable of both attracting a user and, conversely, destroying his desire to research information or make purchases. The correct design should follow these guidelines:

  • Elaborated color scheme;
  • The image should not complicate the loading of pages;
  • Adaptability for different devices and screen sizes;
  • Unobtrusive style;
  • Simple and straightforward navigation.

This is important to understand in order not to overpay for customer acquisition and improve the rates of interaction with your product. Not surprisingly, designers each year offer an increasing number of new solutions that can significantly improve the visuals of sites and applications.

Possibilities of using technologies

Modern professional web development studios like Fireart are ready to offer thousands of website design possibilities. Of course, on the way to creating an individual visual, difficulties can also arise. As a rule, they are associated with difficulties in such segments:

  • Technical implementation;
  • Compatibility with the used development platform;
  • Module conflict and more.

Design improvements should be done by professionals. Several specialists take part in the development at once, since it is necessary to take into account the interrelated processes in the site code and other parameters.

Practice in web design

Derived from the so-called parallax of movement: it describes a phenomenon of perceptual psychology in which the position of an object appears to change as soon as the observer moves. Parallax of movement is part of spatial perception in everyday life and is unnoticeable in many situations.

Examples of Parallax can be observed without the use of special technologies. To illustrate this: find an object in close proximity and look at it alternately with your left and then your right eye the object appears to be moving back and forth! In reality, however, only one’s own point of view changes. You may notice something similar when traveling by car or train: closer objects seem to move past you faster than objects farther away.

Initially the gaming industry and then web design brought the optical phenomenon to the computer screen to enhance the consumer experience. No wonder: a strong visual stimulus even more captivates the user and allows him to delve deeper into the content of the website.

Successful design reception

Visual impact is becoming more and more popular in marketing. Especially in storytelling formats, compelling stories can be told through web design. The parallax effect is traditionally used for single page sites such as:

  • Business reports;
  • Campaign landing pages
  • or company presentations.

The story is fascinatingly accompanied by the effect, and the observer can experience the event even more dynamically. With the Nike Better World campaign, the sports brand Nike has set a new milestone in the use of parallax. Since then, more and more companies have been using the web design element to improve the user experience on their website.


At its best, the parallax effect improves the user experience on your website and makes a good impression on your visitors. However, you must take care not to overload the page or overload the user with a huge stream of animation. Too many files can also lead to slower loading times, which is an important ranking factor for search engines like Google. Our advice: always insert images and graphics in the smallest possible format.

In addition, other SEO criteria can also suffer due to the web design gimmick. It should be noted the missing links, as well as the difficulty of accurately displaying the parallax effect in the mobile version. This can often only be done to a limited extent here.

In order not to limit the performance of your website, but to improve it, you should keep these points in mind and only use the parallax effect where it really makes sense and creates the greatest effect for you.


When used correctly, website content can be even better conveyed to the user thanks to the Parallax effect. First of all, storytelling formats and creative one-page programs are complemented by additional visual elements. However, it’s best to always pay attention to technical components so as not to overload your site’s performance with unnecessary animation.

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