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Create a Top-Notch Business Presentation For Your New SMB

Leaping to start a new business is not for the faint-hearted. For some, it might be daunting. On top of that, if you’re planning to venture on a journey of forming a small business, you ought to have splendid presentation skills. A top-notch pitch deck is your ultimate key to unlock the funds from your investors.

An outstanding SMB presentation caters to providing an informative business overview. It lays out the essentials of your small business plan, products, services, funding requirements, and growth levels. Your small business can benefit from well-designed business presentations. They work as a visual document but also exhibit your business’s story.

Before delving into the presentation requisites, let us first dive into understanding more about small business presentations.

What is a Small Business Presentation?

One of the first steps of having a successful small business is to find your niche to start your entrepreneurship. Small businesses refer to privately-owned partnerships, corporates, or sole ownership having lesser revenue than a regular corporate business. E-Commerce, Freelancers, Event Planners, Tutors, Designers, Consultants are just the tip of the small business iceberg.

Gone are the days when presentations meant only dull and stock slideshows. In this era of aesthetic designing, your slideshow demands to be one-of-a-kind. Utilizing stellar slide templates proves a great way to save your time and build awe-inspiring pitch decks. Pick an attractive slide deck template for your small business to stand out from your competitors.

Every small business presentation must be designed keeping in mind some vital slide elements. Some of them are:

  • About Us: You must give a brief description of your business. Adopt the method of storytelling and weave a compelling narrative to introduce your business, yourself, and business partners. These slides help the client to comprehend your business better. Let them know about your journey and scope.‘
  • Our Services: Your next slide as a small business owner must reflect your products and services. It will assist your audience and investors in getting a lucid view of your services.
  • Timeline – Design a gripping slide exhibiting the timeline of your small business’s progress over time. Add in some trend lines to demonstrate your success. This outlook of your journey will help your clients to connect better with you.
  • Analysis – A comprehensive SWOT analysis will guide you and your clients to understand your business better. Design a slide with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to build a definitive action plan.
  • Why You Should Pick Us?- Give your audience reasons to choose you over your competitors. Highlight your strengths and throw in some client testimonials to give your business credibility.
  • Contact Us: Always remember to provide your contact information at the end for your clients to reach you with ease.

Does the task of designing this pitch deck seem overwhelming? Worry not. Build your Small Business PowerPoint template with an all-in-one slide package from SlideModel and watch your clients getting impressed.

What Are Some General Best Practices for an Eye-Catching Presentation?

Substandard presentation skills cost business owners money, time, and opportunities. Small businesses and entrepreneurs often rely on pitch decks for landing big clients or securing investments. Therefore, an average presentation marks the difference between failure and success.

Once you have cemented small business ideas, your next task is to level up your slideshow skills. Excellent presentation skills will aid your small business to stand out from your market competition and cultivate a connection with new clients. It will also help you to make an impression on various industry leaders.

Here are seven golden tips to craft a stunning pitch deck:

1. Choose Professional Templates

Professionally tailored pitch deck templates can prove to be a game-changer for small businesses rendering them captivating. You can pick any 100% editable small business PowerPoint template from SlideModel that offers splendid designs for all niches.

2. Wow-Worthy Landing Slide

One glance at the start of your presentation should leave your clients impressed beyond measure. To accomplish that, you must design a strong opening or a landing slide, setting a precedent for the remaining pitch deck.

3. Keep the Slide Count to the Minimum

The fewer the number of slides, the greater the presentation. Pitch decks having voluminous slides become tedious to look at by the audience. Thus, ensure to design less than fifteen slides to keep it crisp and compact.

4. Typographical Peculiarities

Keep in mind the best practices for choosing the font style, size, and typing format when forming an appealing slideshow. Avoid employing fancy fonts that become impossible to read. Instead, select functional fonts to exude professionalism. Ensure to set your font size to 30pt or above for easy readability.

5. It’s Time To Ditch The Bullets

Bullets might seem the easier way to go over heft paragraphs. But, they are in general considered out of fashion now. Infuse your slides with visuals and few lines of text for reinforcing your information unforgettably.

6. Incorporate Visuals

Slides containing excessive textual information will drive your clients into a deep sleep leaving your pitch deck a failure. Blend in engaging images, GIFs, infographics, and other visuals that complement your small business niche.

7. Opt for Data Visualisations

The attention span of your clients is minimal. Thus, bombarding them with statistics and figures without any visualizations will not add any charm to your slideshow. Present your data with stunning data visuals to tackle this situation. Leverage color-coded charts, timelines, diagrams, tables, and shapes for effective data visualizations.

Why Do You Need a Pitch?

All entrepreneurs know that small businesses require financing from sources. Often, this financing has to be achieved from external clients and investors. To get that next meeting or funding with the clients you need to create a stellar business pitch that convinces them to invest their resources in your small business.

A one-of-a-kind business pitch helps establish your business smoothly by leaving an irrevocable mark on your investors. Thus, a presentation pitch is your deal-breaker to get your business ahead.

What is a Small Business Pitch?

A small business pitch is nothing but a well-designed presentation deck that contains all the information about your business. You require a business pitch for effectively communicating your ideas to your potential investors in ways that can excite them about funding your business.

This small business pitch also goes by the names of the investor pitch deck or a start-up pitch deck. It helps your financers to know more about your business. This pitch deck becomes a great platform to showcase your small business to everyone. Below are three great tips for designing a great pitch:

  • Weave a Narrative – Your clients get more interested to hear about your business when you present it in the form of a story instead of just darting out points. Weave an engaging narrative that keeps your audience hooked to your pitch deck. Let your clients feel how you ace at tackling problems and what impact it will leave on them.
  • Tell about Your Business Model – Your business model is essential in telling your investors about converting your ideas into an economically viable business. Form a pitch deck that showcases your business model.
  • Know Your Audience – Identify clients who are genuinely interested in your services. Additionally, tailor your pitch according to the clients and their needs to create a suitable pitch.

Pitch decks with a balance of content, graphics, and data visuals can bring success to rope in your potential investors. The presentation tips for small businesses in this article will help you to design your perfect pitch and scale your small business to new heights.

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