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Best Fintech Apps in 2020: Popular Fintech App Development Features and Cost

No one thought that the finance industry could be in the digital mode, as cash and coins were ruling the roost. First came the Internet banking and the real dynamics of the finance industry started changing. Peer-to-peer payment apps become the go-to-transaction way for consumers, as digital wallet solutions began making inroads in numerous customer-centric industries.

Source: Statista – Global Mobile Payment Spending (2010-2017)

Source: Statista – Global Mobile Payment Spending (2010-2017)

As the image above shows, the global mobile payment spending is increasing, and consumers are using digital FinTech solutions to pay for their needs as well as wants. Consumers use digital wallets to pay for their groceries, electricity bills, dining out, travel, and for almost everything. Quick resonance of consumers with the FinTech payment solutions is encouraging businessmen to come up with yet another batch of digital solutions and features that can complement the functionality of FinTech apps.

Wondering where this trend is moving?

Today you will find an overwhelming number of FintTech mobile apps. However, not every app make it to the top list in the Google play store and app store, as the approach taken towards the FinTech mobile app development makes all the difference.

If you are looking to take your offline finance solutions online and up in the app store, you have to take inspiration from these best FinTech apps that are likely to hold pole position in 2020:


INLY is an invoicing and payment app, specially designed for freelancers. The app is free to use and download. Currently, it is only available for iOS. You only have to pay the payment processing fees.

What are the Key Features of INLY?

  • Freelancers can create professional-looking invoices
  • The app accepts credit card and eCheck
  • Recurring payments can be made
  • Integrated payment calendar helps to know when was the payment received

Why is this App a Success?

The app is targeted at freelancers. A large number of individuals are moving from the mundane 9-5 jobs to freelancing. Since high-end development and strict deadlines leave them with little time for account management, INLY can help them do it all at a tap.

2. FINCH App

The FINCH app is a popular FinTech app in Australia. It is available on both—Google store as well as the app store. FINCH is described as the “Financial app for social life”. This peer-to-peer payment app helps individuals conveniently transfer money.

What are the Key Features of FINCH?

  • Request for money or pay in less than 5 seconds
  • Bank account details are not required for the transaction
  • A group of people can split bills equally
  • If you are spendthrift, the app offers insights into your spending behaviour along with ways to inculcate saving habits

Why is this App a Success?

The app is specially designed for millennial, who hang out with their friends and are looking for convenient ways to make transactions. The app offers an excellent transaction experience with its interactive design.


Online payment means no track of where the money is going. This is what EMMA takes care of. EMMA keeps tabs on all your accounts and offers you better control over your finances. The app is available to download on Google Play and App Store.

What are the Key Features of EMMA?

  • The app charges zero monthly fees and there’s no minimum amount to be added
  • Budgeting tools prevent you from overspending
  • EMMA categorises your spendings so that you know where your money is mostly spent
  • The app includes savings tools that encourage to keep aside a specific part for the future

Why is this App a Success?

The app recently came up with a feature that offers the integration of cryptocurrency. This feature will help the users to view their cryptocurrency investments in real-time in one app. This future-intensive approach taken by the developers of EMMA is likely to attract a broad base of investors, thereby making it a success.

4. Tellus

This FinTech app is particularly developed for real estate investment buffs. It is available on Google Play and is also featured on the App Store. The app strives to bridge the gap between the landlords, owners, property managers, and tenants.

What are the Key Features of Tellus?

  • Online rent payment for tenants
  • Online rental listing and tenant screening process along with the digital lease
  • The app can help turn the property into a liquid asset
  • View service and maintenance request of tenants

Why is this App a Success?

The app helps tenants pay their apps, but it does more good to the property owners. It is more than just a rental app. The app offers information about real estate investment opportunities. Once a property is bought, the users can keep track of the asset’s value in real-time. Tellus also provides with the ease to buy and sell these properties at any point of time without any contracts.

5. Matador

Matador is a new generation app for individuals to invest and share their experience with friends. The app helps its users invest in any stock without paying any commission fee. The app is currently available only for iOS.

What are the Key Features of Matador?

  • Users can buy any stock with any amount starting from as little as US$ 5
  • The app helps its users invest in ETFs without any commission fees
  • Referral portfolio program helps users earn free stock
  • Users can seek advice from other investors by following them

Why is this App a Success?

We know more people are moving towards the stock market to generate a passive income. However, the commission fee is a roadblock for them. In such a case, having an app to invest in stock with minimal price without commission fee works well for the new investors. The app also offers 2.5% interest on the cash, thereby creating an attraction among users.

Key Highlights for 2020

The year is going to be remarkable. Having analysed these five FinTech apps, one thing is clear – there are more than one ways to get into the FinTech industry and make it big with crucial features. You can develop a FinTech app for sharing money, for online business, transferring money overseas, stock market investment and the list can go on and on.

The cryptocurrency has started gaining momentum. It is the right time to pick up the pace and invest in an online business that can help users realise their financial goals.

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