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Best Ways To Unblock Netflix And Watch It Anywhere

Have you ever gotten frustrated with the fact that you can only watch certain shows on Netflix while the other ones are restricted? I suppose this might have not even crossed your mind until you have come across that one show that you really want to see but you can’t because you don’t live in a country where Netflix has allowed it. How unfair, right?

I’m not here to feed your frustration, though, so let us not dwell on the problem. Instead, let us focus on finding a solution. Believe it or not, there is a solution. It’s just that you might not have needed it by now, so you aren’t acquainted with it. Well, it’s time to either get acquainted with it or forget about Netflix altogether.

If you are thinking of forgetting about it, perhaps you should first check whether you are ready to give up on these shows:

I know that you are probably looking for lots and lots of ways to unblock the content restricted in your area, but the truth is that there’s only one right way to do it. Okay, to be fair, there are two ways, but I don’t suppose that you would be up for one of those. It involves you moving to a country where access to the things you want to watch is not restricted. Too much trouble for a small reward, right?

Well, that’s the non-feasible way and I’m definitely not here to convince you to do anything as crazy as that. This other, simple, way I am talking about won’t require you to even lift a finger and let alone pack up your whole home and move somewhere. Okay, it will require you to lift a finger, but that’s about all that you will need to do.

We all like to have it easy, don’t we? When a simple opportunity to solve our issues arises, jumping on it is a no-brainer. The opportunity I have in mind is so simple that you won’t even have to get off your couch. Do you really think it could get any easier than that? Let me tell you the answer to that question – it definitely cannot get any easier.

VPN To Your Rescue

There is a villain, a princess and a hero in every story. In this case, the princess is the Netflix content you want to watch and the villain is the restriction that’s imposed on it. All you need to do is find the hero. Lucky for you, I have found it and millions of other people have found it. That means that it’s the tried out, tested and perfect hero whose abilities cannot be denied and shouldn’t even be questioned.

The hero is called a virtual private network, or a VPN for Netflix and this hero has the power to lift those pestering restrictions and unblock anything you want to watch in a couple of minutes. Have you heard about it yet? Do you know what VPNs are and how they work in the first place? If not, let me quickly explain that, because you need to know how these work in order to understand how they can help you with your Netflix issues.

How VPNs Work

As the name implies, a VPN provides its user with a virtual private network allowing them to connect to the Internet in a completely safe and secure manner. “Completely safe and secure” means that you won’t be watched by any third parties that might try to steal your data. In other words, keeping your information private and secure is the primary goal of any virtual private network.

If you aren’t really a tech-savvy, the whole principle behind how VPNs work might sound a bit confusing. I’ll try, however, to keep my explanations as simple as possible and give you the perfect intro to virtual private networks which is necessary if you want to understand how to unblock Netflix. Let me give you a brief explanation about how this whole concept works.

When you connect to any website through a VPN, that VPN works to route your connection through the private server of your choice rather than your Internet service provider. Simply put, it will make it appear as if you weren’t the one connecting. That way, the information transmitted during the connection come from the VPN, rather than your own computer. Click this to understand the idea better.

What Netflix Has To Do With This

By now, you are probably wondering what on Earth Netflix has to do with all of this. You came here to learn how to unblock your restricted content and not how to hide your information from others… oh, it dawned on you at this very moment, am I right? There’s no need to get frustrated because this is all so intertwined and I am definitely taking you in the right direction towards that content you want to watch.

In case it still didn’t dawn on you, though, let me be the one to explain. By hiding your information, you also hide your location. No, that’s not enough to help you understand how this works, so let me give a slightly more detailed explanation. When you connect to a server of your choice through a VPN, you can make it appear as if you were located anywhere in the world.

That means that you are only one click away from watching Netflix because, if you connect, for example, to a US server through your VPN, Netflix will have no way of knowing that you aren’t actually located in the USA. Pretty smart, right? I couldn’t agree more. It’s not only smart, but it also solves all your Netflix issues.

I bet people from these countries are rather happy with this smart invention:

How You Can Make It Happen

Now that you know that anything is possible, it’s time to figure out how to actually make it happen. The title of this article suggests that there are more ways to unblock Netflix and that’s right if you think about it the following way. There are more VPNs that you could use to lift those restrictions and it’s your responsibility to find the best one.

That’s where it all begins – with choosing the right VPN provider to make your dream come true. Not that these providers can grant wishes or anything, but I took the liberty of assuming that unblocking those shows is one of your dreams. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you get my point, so there’s no need to explain myself. Let’s get back to our topic.

As I was saying, you need to find the right VPN provider and you cannot do that if you don’t invest some time into your search. In other words, you need to take your time to research a couple of different providers in order to make sure that you are making the right choice. You can do that by asking some of your friends if they use these services and have any recommendations, or you can do it by reading online reviews about specific providers.

After you have found the perfect provider, it’s time to take the next step. Naturally, if you want to watch some of the most popular shows on Netflix, you will need to connect to Netflix. Before you do that, though, you should turn on your VPN and connect and connect to a server located in the country in which those shows are available and unrestricted.

There’s absolutely nothing left to do after that but hitting play on the show you wanted to watch all along. As you can see, this is a pretty simple and straightforward process, even though it might have seemed complicated in the beginning. As long as you make sure to find the perfect VPN provider, you’ll do great.

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