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Data Warehouse Concepts key to Business’ Success

Data warehouse concepts are set of useful information to create a centralized database system used to record information from various areas within the business process. Data warehousing, on the other hand, is another concept under data warehousing wherein it involves the method creating and storing information that a certain company has gathered and will be utilized for future purposes.

The idea of data warehousing became a unique form of computer database system throughout the late 1980s until early 1990s. This particular technological innovation has evolved due to the increasing demands of the business sector that couldn’t be met with the technological capabilities particularly the operational systems then. Eventually, the necessity triggered the creation of a separate databases design to support important aspect in the daily transaction of individual businesses especially in decision and policy-making area. With the growing need of the industry, the need to develop distinction between informational and operational systems began.

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After recognizing the existence of the industry’s need for a more advance and technology-based approaches in managing corporate information, many multi-national corporation decided to embrace the concept of data warehousing as a useful tool in their company’s success. Date warehouses are created to help business across the world in different aspect of data management from collection, handling, storing, and all the way to retrieval. The massive innovation in data warehousing also helps to fill the necessity for subject- oriented concepts especially since Integration is linked to subject orientation closely. Data warehouses actually works by integrating technology on how the end-user can manage their internal data. The data is from different sources which will be brought to reliable and consistent structure. Among the problems and issues that must be resolved with the introduction of this technology are the problems in naming and classifying data with conflicting and inconsistencies in nature.

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Since data warehousing is focused on specific and detailed information when storing them, it is important that the primary source of all the information that are set to be stored are imprinted cleaned, and cataloged before one can say that the entire data warehousing system is considered a success. The company that has installed this type of system in their business can used the information stored for future used and in archival purposes. The system was also proven effective in processing online analytics, running some market research, and most especially, in policy making of the company, among others.

Data warehouse concepts were also proven effective in compiling statistical data of the company, analyzing facts, extracting past corporate records, loading previous items, managing and even storing the recorded dictionary. Data Warehousing system also referred to as a business intelligence tool, in which it can be used in removing date and information or loading them and in managing or retrieving metadata.

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The success of Data warehouse can’t be guaranteed for all projects. The system’s success is dependent on different factors including the readiness of the company trying the system or the way they manage the system. The strategies involved may become really complicated and also erroneous data may also cause errors or even failure. If the management support is robust, with committed resources for the business’ values, and with established corporate vision, more often than not, the objectives of this system will be attained ultimately and become an important tool in facilitating the organization or business’ success.

All enterprise or organizations for that matter need to direct the data collected that are already present in the company to become useful and consistent with the objective of the data warehousing system which is to have a strong and consistent compiled information. The facts could turn into answers and also solutions that will support the entire company particularly on decision-making. The system is a must in the company’s recording and analysis section that must be prioritized.

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