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Does A Small Business Need A CPA To Grow?

Every business requires the help of a certified accountant to keep tabs on its expenditure. Filing taxes and preparing necessary tax documents isn’t a task you can do without professional help. This assistance comes in handy to ensure you are in the government’s good books on tax reports.

However, if you’re looking to grow your business, you may want to solicit the help of a certified public accountant. CPAs have in-depth information on the most vital details and the latest laws concerning tax reports. Let’s have a detailed look at the importance of a CPA and analyze if you need one.

Manage Cash Flow

A certified public accountant always stays abreast with information regarding your financial situation. They know how much is coming in and how much you’re spending. Such data allows them to make critical decisions regarding where to allocate more funds or cut the cost.

When you need money urgently, they know which clients to coax into speeding the receivable cheques. A small business CPA understands your business’ needs and works towards ensuring your venture thrives even when you are going through a harsh transition.

Saving You Tax

CPAs have to keep amassing facts, especially information about tax laws. Considering that these regulations change from time to time, CPAs must gain and retain knowledge to stay relevant in this industry. Most importantly, their licenses are renewed each year. Therefore, being adept with the most current inclusions in the tax law caps keeps them on the job.

A CPA can let you know the latest changes that require attention with such intel at hand. Tax rebates fall under the category of things CPAs alert you about. And aside from letting you know if you qualify for tax rebates, they also ensure you apply the suitable method to profit from these rebates.

Increase Your Profit

A business’s greatest need is to get quality inventory at the lowest possible price and sell it at a significant margin to make profits. Thanks to their collaboration with multiple partners, certified public accountants are always in the loop of the cheapest suppliers and best rates in the market.

Therefore, they can negotiate with your suppliers for better rates to help increase your profit. Additionally, you have at your disposal a professional who can reduce bad debts when you solicit help from a CPA.

You may sometimes agree with clients to offer your services on credit and receive payments later. Such treaties lead to bad debt, especially if the customer you’re working with goes bankrupt. CPAs can effortlessly run a background check of individuals you’re about to work with to ascertain they have enough money to settle their bills.

They also negotiate for better deals that do not require you to wait forever before receiving money from your profits. And when you have goods that aren’t making any profit, a certified public accountant can easily spot such things and help you get rid of them and find other more beneficial ventures to pursue.


Recording all financial transactions that have taken place in the business’ course is a daily activity that a CPA oversees. These transaction details come in handy when it’s time to file tax returns. Failing to document such intel can land you in jail or cost you the business.

If your business has traffic, the certainty of missing one or two details when keying in transactional intel is undeniable. Unfortunately, such instances can cost you money if the IRS catches up with you. Instead of wasting more money trying to fix a problem, hiring a CPA will streamline your bookkeeping, allowing you to spend your valuable time trying to attract more clients to the team.

Hire New Employees

Small business CPAs must learn some of the most integral aspects of running a business as part of their coursework to pursue their education. HR and organizational behavior are some of the units they take. Therefore, your CPA can reduce your costs when hiring employees.

Instead of outsourcing a human resource manager, you can take advantage of their intel in this sector to aid you when you want to add someone new to your team. When the business is still growing, you may not need to get a professional human resource manager. However, once the venture is established, you have to get one because your organizational needs increase.

Final Word

Overlooking the importance of a CPA is among the reasons that lead most small businesses to the pit. Understanding your entrepreneurial venture requires attention and allows you to decide if you need a CPA or not.

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