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Email Marketing For Ecommerce Businesses: The Major Challenges

Email marketing keeps on surprising the marketers worth its high returns. In the recent, studying made on email marketing campaigns, it has been seen that you can generate $40 worth of leads with just $1 spent on email marketing campaigns. That is just amazing conversions!

These amazing results have made every ecommerce email marketing agency rethink their ongoing email marketing strategy and how they can revamp the whole thing. Marketers now want theory email marketing channels to reach their full potential. But certain challenges are holding back email marketing to its full bloom.

What Are The Major Challenges For Ecommerce Businesses Implementing Email Marketing?

Litmus polled hundreds of markers to see the variables restricting email marketing to reach its full potential, and here is what they got.

1. Poor Coordination

Remember that your customers are omnichannel; hence, your brand needs to be omnichannel as well. You can operate as a SILO. And for that matter, your other channel can also not afford to operate in SILOs.

Every email you send your customers will play an important role in your business. So, it is important that every team is synchronized to ensure that not a single lead is overlooked.

In order to convert every lead, your team needs to work together to give a satisfying experience to your audiences. To achieve a seamless customer experience, you need business news to have integrated marketing communication. Stick with your basics and ensure that customers are having a good time whole being on your website.

2. Insufficient Staffing

Insufficient staffing is a common problem for businesses of any size. In fact, according to the latest litmus research, more than 52% of markets accept that when it comes down to email marketing staff members, they are either understaffed or very understaffed.

No matter how big or small a business you have, it is inevitable that you need a good team to handle email marketing campaigns. There are two ways to deal with this problem: either hire new employees to solve the problem or simply outsource the services.

Attend this issue in your business meeting and ensure that this problem is resolved. If not, your business might not grow or develop the way you want.

3. Limitation Of Current Email Service Providers

The industry has several email marketing service providers, and each has its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). However, they all do something. They are not complete. Each email service provider caters to a particular field of services.

For instances:

  • Limited to one industry.
  • Limited to email functionality.
  • Sales-assisted messaging.

There will be a time when you feel that your email service provider is offering limited services. This is the sign that shows you have outgrown their capabilities and need a new email service provider.

4. Bad Strategy

Execution of the email marketing practices means nothing if you are following a poor strategy. The company sees the email marketing campaign in volumes. If a user is not replying to their email, they instantly send a new email to complete the month’s goal.

However, this approach divides the business needs from what your customers need. Your email marketing strategy needs to intersect where business needs and consumer needs are fulfilled with the same strategy.

The solution to this problem is simple. Try to understand your audiences and see what they are reaching to your emails. Note down their behaviors and segment your email. This way, you can target them with personalized content.

Wrapping It Up

If your marketing team clearly understands the challenges that we have just discussed, your business will have a good business year in 2021.

Our suggestion for a successful business includes:

  • Understanding your business and customers.
  • Retaining your old customers.
  • Implementing automation technology to ensure every user gets a reply.

Use technology to your advantage, and never forget the stick with email marketing basics; that is, engaging with your audience on a personal level.

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