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Enterprise Mobility – The Workplace Forecast is Sunny

As we approach 2020, ignoring technological development in the workplace can be the downfall of a business.

The world is online now, and demands that even our local plumber has a website, social media, live chat and more.

Workplaces are also evolving, both to keep up with the demands of consumers and also to embrace the possibilities that mobile technology offers.

For some companies, this is not an easy transition, as they were previously reliant on traditional business systems and may not have updated systems in years.

However, fortunately, there are many specialists in mobile technology incorporation, that can smooth the way.

While mobile devices bring many positive aspects to the workplace, incorrect setup can also cause potential issues, particularly where data is concerned.

So, let’s first look at the positives, before we cover some of the potential issues.

How Enterprise Mobility can Positively Impact the Workplace

Giving employees more freedom, and the ability to work in ways they prefer, often leads to a much more positive and effective workforce.

  1. Flexible Workforce – Mobility solutions and the internet are allowing companies to take advantage of a more flexible staffing, including freelancers, work at home employees, or remote employees from around the world.
  2. Happier Staff – Staff whom are not tied to their desks are generally happier. Many work at home staff report it is one of the best life changes that they have made (although, it too can have some challenges).
  3. Increased Productivity – Employees that have more freedom and autonomy have been proven in numerous studies to be more productive.
  4. Using AI – There is no avoiding AI nowadays, no matter your suspicions of terminator like scenarios. AI is in our mobile devices, mobile assistants, live chat and more. However, to date, introducing AI solutions to the workplace has shown increased accuracy and efficiency. AI saves time, period.
  5. IoT is Increasing – The internet of things is growing. Devices are smarter and help to reduce the need of manual intervention. They can greatly help automate a workplace, leaving staff free to concentrate on more important things.
  6. Mobile Device Software has Improved – Nowadays, you can write emails and even articles on your mobile phone. Devices are both more powerful, but also more useful. Mid-high end mobile phones and tablets have just as much computing power as a laptop or PC, and can now perform the same range of tasks.

All of this leads to a happier workplace. People do not need to be sat at their desks to work, they don’t even need to be in the same country.

With AI, time and tasks become easier to manage. In some ways, an average employee becomes a manager of their own ‘virtual assistant’, reducing stress and improving consistency.

Companies can also monitor productivity, without needing to be imposing or physically present. This allows things to be grown, without managers breathing down necks.

All that said, there are some issues to consider too.

The Serious Side of Enterprise Mobility

Although the move to being mobile has many positives, there are some challenges to its effective introduction.

  • Different devices with various systems being introduced over a period of time can mean numerous management tools. Moving to being fully mobile may mean an overhaul of existing systems and introducing integrated device management
  • Security is a concern, particularly when devices leave the company premises. It is important that all mobile devices are fully secured
  • The IT department may require new training, or for the company to take on a specialist service to secure and monitor mobile devices

These issues are certainly not a deal breaker. When enterprise mobility is introduced effectively, it can dramatically improve efficiency, profitability, and the wellbeing of employees.

The key is to plan the process carefully, or to higher an expert. Enterprise mobility services are available at reasonable rates and can get things setup in the best way possible – future proofing the company.

When done correctly, staff will appreciate the changed workplace, freedom, and reduce stress.

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