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Firmex Launches Single Sign On for Virtual Data Room

New single sign on improves user security and usability to improve management solutions.

Toronto-based Firmex has built a reputation as global provider for all virtual data room and document sharing solutions. With a presence in more than 110 countries and over 140,000 companies, Firmex has developed a new feature for their virtual data rooms (VDRs): single sign on features. Thanks to this new feature, administrators can control access to documents, proprietary information and more. Forget having to balance dozens of usernames and passwords; SSO streamlines how people access information in VDRs.

Password Management

SSO means that IT departments or senior management do not have to spend time managing passwords or usernames. This can result in a lot of human error when staff forget their passwords or when employees leave the company. Additionally, SSO reduces password fatigue. A lot of people have a hard time creating or remembering their passwords. Only having one to remember can be life-changing.

Efficiency and Speed

SSO increases productivity and efficiency for a company. Being able to quickly log into the virtual data room and access information is important when a tight deadline is coming, in an emergency or when someone wants to close a deal. Employees will no longer overlead an IT department with questions or concerns about their logins. The help desk will be able to think about bigger picture things, like infrastructure and the latest technology and solutions, versus having to help people with their logins.

Extra Security

This company values its clients’ security. After all, documents contain important information about expenses, income and more. It is important that only approved personnel can access information and that security breaches do not happen. Additional security is available because the updated VDRs are compatible with the Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 standard. More specifically, SSO improves identity verification and protection. A company can add new layers of security because they only have one sign on to consider. Common extra security layers include two-factor authentication (2FA) and multifactor authentication (MFA).

Simplify User Management

Administrators in a company should monitor and manage who has access to which information. Single Sign On (SSO) provides this level of oversight for a company. Leadership in a company can decide who has access to key login information. The same credentials can then be used with other applications. Being able to manage access to documents and information from a single location simplifies user management. This saves people a lot of time and ensures content is protected and managed. Administrators will not have to deal with multiple usernames and logins, and they can check who is accessing information when.

Better Oversight and Project Management

Company leadership can better supervise projects thanks to SSO. This is a chance to see when staff are looking at key documents, information and more. Seeing their activity allows administrators to monitor who projects are being managed and completed. SSO also holds employees accountable. After all, their activity can be seen by company leadership, so oversight is better managed.

Securely Share Information

Companies move to VDRs to secure documents, protect proprietary information and streamline processes. Not having to sift through file cabinets of content is important for employees who are trying to meet deadlines and stay efficient and productive. Moving to virtual data rooms with SSO makes it easier to share information internally. Documents will not be left somewhere, damaged or misfiled. Administrators can give access to staff and easily share a document without worrying security has been breached.

Safely Create Partnerships

Companies of all types have relationships or partnerships with a host of groups: from outside vendors and investors to customers, among others. VDRs make it possible to share key information with partners, and SSO makes it easier to do this. For example, investors may want to see returns, and vendors may need invoices. SSO reduces the security risk of sharing information with other parties.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

People love when they can get answers and information quickly. SSO makes it easier for people to login and access information, which speeds up communications between customers or clients and the company. A user-friendly login also reduces employee stress. They can easily access content, which means they have more brain space and patience for customer interactions.

Virtual data rooms are popular today because they save companies time, money and stress. The latest SSO update is a chance to strengthen operations for companies of all types and sizes. Corporate groups can access and share proprietary or confidential information without worrying about security breaches. Employees will find that they can work harder and smarter thanks to the SSO update. In fact, SSO simplifies many systems in a company: from customer communication and project management to finance and compliance. Smart companies today use the latest technology to streamline processes so that they can continue to grow.

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