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How Can Rent Syst Car Rental Software Help Your Business?

For many people, a private car has always been not only useful transport but a dream, a hobby, and even a status marker. However, times change, and our habits are not quite the same any longer. In the past, we opted for owning a car; today, we prefer using properties over possessing them.

Owning a car is expensive and makes the second-largest expenditure item for most households, as over 15% of car owners’ monthly budget goes towards maintaining their vehicles.

Renting a car allows reducing costs significantly while being able to use it when it is needed. Therefore renting or leasing a vehicle has become a growing practice. This way of traveling is economical and ecological, and it seems to have mere advantages. Renting a car can even be really profitable. This increasing interest among the population explains the boom in the market. More and more entrepreneurs decide to invest in this emerging business. But how to ensure its sustainability given the growing market competition?

Useful Tips for Car Rental Owners

Here are some pieces of advice for rental agency owners, which will help to give this business a boost:

  • In today’s world of progressing digitalization, markets are changing so rapidly. Monitor new practices and technologies in your industry. Ask yourself if your business model is working today? Are your results evolving? Set goals regularly, and remember to always challenge yourself.
  • Numbers speak for themselves. The most profitable companies always pay a lot of attention to figures. Use all the available data of your company’s performance to identify its weaknesses and strengths. By doing this, you will set the right direction for your goals. Also, control costs and incomes to make a profit.
  • Marketing and branding are very important. Without it, you risk getting lost among other competitors. Be different, and show to your clients what makes your business unique. Using CRM software can be an excellent tool to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Rely on your customers’ feedback to build your fleet up. Find out how much they are ready to pay and for which type of car. Keeping control of the profitability of your fleet and being aware of your clients’ needs is a must.
  • Offer a partnership to other businesses. Turn to hotels or travel agencies – cross-promotions and special offers will help to attract new clients.
  • Invest in efficient car rental software. It will help to optimize all aspects of your business, minimize expenses, and increase profitability.

Based on a cloud platform, Rent Syst, which is CRM software for rental car services, is developed to build strong positive rapport with customers and, therefore, improve sales. The system offers a concise and intuitive interface, which can be mastered by an unlimited number of users without any problems. The system’s set of features, elaborated according to the feedback of car rental professionals, is efficient, comprehensive, and able to adapt to any business management model.

Innovative and Effective Approach

From reservations to cars’ route history, everything is in place to make managing a car rental company easier so that you could focus on great customer service. The following functions will help to optimize your business process:

  • Comprehensive settings. You can choose a type of managed vehicles and group them based on various criteria. Order confirmations, types of charging, payment methods, maintenance alerts can be also modified in this module. It covers a region of work, time zone, groups of users, notifications, and many other important points as well.
  • Booking planning. Thanks to Rent Syst, you can view a list and timeline of all your reservations on a single page. You can also interact with each of them to make changes or add notes. This saves time and simplifies the working process. Rent Syst has also developed an online reservation module, which can be integrated directly into your site via the IFrame technology. Therefore, it serves to organize your bookings better.
  • E-signatures, invoices, and contract templates. You have the possibility to sign your contracts and invoices electronically. This is practical and eco-responsible, as no more paper is required. Everything is recorded and centralized in your rental software. Save your contract and invoice templates and send them to your customers and partners any time via email or a messenger.
  • Turnover and reports. All analytical data on your business are available in the Reports sections. The statistical information is presented in 4 categories: Rentals, Income, Expenses, and Profit. Any data or analysis can be filtered by date, vehicle numbers, office location, names of the customers. You can also customize your reports by setting your own criteria for the analysis and download them to your device.
  • Customer and partner relationship. You can add all your contacts to specific lists according to such categories as customers, partners, blacklist, and service names. These lists are easily filtered, edited, and downloaded. And your contacts can be reached through Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, or MailChimp.
  • Efficient fleet control. The additional VOS system installed on each car can enhance the functionality of the software. In particular, it enables tracking the vehicles, recording their itinerary history, controlling the amount of fuel, switching off the engine or the headlights, identifying the cars’ speed and customers’ driving style, etc.

The Results of Rent Syst Use 

Multiple users of the platform have confirmed that their business performance significantly improved after implementing Rent Syst. The main benefits are the following:

  • Minimizing time. Reservations are made and confirmed in less than a minute while your customers are registered and your contracts are delivered. All your data is secure and backed up. You have a clear vision of your turnover and workflow. The system’s easy and quick integration into the existing operational process improves the general company’s results and helps to eliminate unnecessary procedures.
  • Profit growth. Your customers book and pay directly online. Thanks to the statistical and financial analyses, your earnings are better managed. On the same note, your expenses are controlled and reduced owing to the maintenance planning features.
  • Customers’ loyalty increased. The improved service not only helps to attract new clients but also extends to the existing ones.

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