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How do I set up 4 TV screens on 1 cable box?

Well, this feature where you can set up 4 TV screens on 1 cable box is blocked by cable TV providers generally. Only users that have a composite box or HDMI splitter (in some cases attached with a cable box) can enjoy this feature. For this purpose, you will have to find an A/V to get it done through your system. Cable companies had to disable the feature, for the reason that people would not get a new cable box for different TVs, instead, they started using two TV screens with one cable box to avoid lease fees. Before this feature got disabled users could connect HDMI Cable and coax cable and a wireless IR remote receiver to use two TV screens. If you are looking for cable TV services, Spectrum TV is as always leading the charts with its App that enables its customers to watch whatever they want from their smartphones even when they are away from home, as long as they have an internet connection.

Basically, you can create a display wall through these two options. You can also get a special box that can split input signals into 4 or more displays. Or you can get such a system of displays that are supportive of daisy-chaining. You will have to give a signal to the first monitor, connect it with another display by hooking up two, through a cable from the output port of the first display to the input port of the second display. Then connect second to third and third to fourth.

How to create a video wall

The video wall is multiple monitors connected to give a single large screen on. On-Sign TV can be used for video walls. The process of it is the same as playing a normal video. However, you will have to take extra care of two aspects i.e. screen resolution and aspects ratio. The three ways to create a video wall are the following:

  • Video Wall Controller: Video wall controllers are one of the most basic ways to create a video wall. Basically, this small box offers input options with one (maybe more) video feeds. This box itself breaks input signals into different attached output sources. Formats of output – for instance: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 4×1 – depends on your video wall controller – which one you have.
  • Daisy-chaining: If you have a professional signage monitor that will be a bonus point as they are built-in video wall creators. You can connect different screens by DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. The process of hooking up all screens together is called daisy-chaining. You will have to connect a monitor with your player. And you will get all your TV screens showing the same video.
  • Graphic Boards: One of the simplest ways to create a video wall is the use of different video cards into a window computer – that can be used as a player. You can do this with regular cards, however, for better results professional graphic cards are recommended. Professional graphic cards will enable you to connect to 12 screens with one monitor. You will have to set up the configuration on your computer so that the video can be played accordingly. Then you will need to open the On Sign TV Windows Player App, select the ‘Toggle Full Screen’ option and you will get the video on every screen – as per configuration.

Final Verdict

We have tried to share the most convenient and do-able methods so our readers can set up 4 TV screens on 1 cable box, you can always share your thoughts in the comments section if this was of any help to you or if you would like to suggest an alternative solution that we may have missed in the above-mentioned article. Also, you should check Pinterest for a step-by-step image guide or if you prefer video tutorials, you must check YouTube and get more hands-on knowledge about it. Before anything else, make sure you have a good cable TV connection that does not put a dent in your pocket, so go for something affordable and a comprehensive package so you can enjoy the content on multiple screens as well.

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