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How Technological Innovation In Education Is Taking On COVID-19

To curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, school gates around the world have been closed for several months. In this crisis, we have seen large-scale efforts to use technology like online calculators to support distance learning education. For example, an online inverse function calculator helps in determining the inverse value of the given function. The inverse function is the function that can reverse other functions. To compute the inverse function, first, replace the variable of function with another variable and then compute for other variables of function by replacing each other. The crisis exposed the challenges facing educational technology, including many inequalities that began with the inability to use computers and the Internet. We are all concerned about this global challenge, but we can and must meet it.

Reshape Education

In education technology, most products like inverse calculator and services on the market can enhance the educational experience of students, educators, or managers and are designed to improve learning, but rarely can every student continue to experience independently according to his choice or needs. Higher education is an exception.

College students have been able to access advanced interactive online tools like inverse function calculator and courses for at least a decade. However, many schools are still in no rush to attend parties. Looking back at the current situation: “You want…to be able to do many different things such as find the inverse of a function calculator with all the tools you can use…this is difficult; to abandon the notion that quality education should be offered face-to-face rather than online.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the exploration of online learning

The Covid-19 pandemic that destroyed the world has caused widespread behavioral and institutional shocks in all areas of human activities (including those caused by education). Unprecedented: On April 9, 2020, more than 1.5 billion students from elementary school to university worldwide will not be able to go to school (UNES CO 2020). Countries and communities affected by large-scale closures and accidents are forced to find quick solutions like inverse function calculator on various learning platforms. Unfortunately, these quick steps from classroom to online learning bypassed deeper issues such as national education policies and basic and theoretical assumptions.

The current state of the formal education system can be described by the model of Philip Strong (1990). Epidemiological psychology comprises three consecutive and overlapping epidemics: fear epidemics, explain epidemics, and action epidemics. Strong uses the term “epidemic” as a target to express the collective psychological response to the pandemic crisis. The first aspect is related to the pandemic of fear and raises a question: how do the education system, tools like inverse calculator, and individual students deal with particular situations?

Focus shift

The breakdown of education has led to four structural changes: ROI-based career opportunities, a shift to lifelong learning, shorter learning time, and new trading models. The first is a major that focuses on ROI and online tools like inverse function calculator. After experiencing the economic recession and emergencies we are in, the number of career decisions driven by investment returns tends to increase.

Among the UCLA students surveyed, up to 80% said they have an intermediate level of education. The equivalent of the British Prime Minister) shared his views. What students want obviously does not match what traditional universities provide. Coding, marketing, and sales within tight deadlines. It can be said that this is short-term thinking, and one day it will be counterproductive. Still, today’s demand for these skills and the use of online calculators like inverse function calculator is undeniable. The second change we see is the development of lifelong learning. The traditional model is to complete all training, including master/master, as soon as possible, and then apply the knowledge acquired in the workplace. The new normal is to alternate between study and study time in a career.

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