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How to Transform Your Guest Room into an Airbnb

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy today. Initially, hotels were the major service providers when it came to hospitality and so many came up in different countries. Within no time, airbnb took over and we have not looked back. Airbnb provided simpler and cheaper options to hotels and many people preferred booking one instead of a hotel.

Airbnb owners started making profits and the best part is that some of them just hosted their guests in their own homes with no extra charges. Did you know that you can actually transform your guest house into an airbnb and make some extra bucks while at it? Let us see how.

Start With Research

Before you decide to get into the Airbnb business, start by doing your homework to determine if your locality is a good market for such a venture. Not all areas are good for the Airbnb business, and starting blindly might cost you and leave you regretting in the end. This kind of business will work for you if you live in tourist attraction areas or you are located near a major airport.

If you live in a rental house, confirm with your landlord if it’s okay for you to host guests in your home. Most of the time, it is usually stated in the tenancy contract. Once you have a green light on all of these points, then you are free to proceed.

Spruce up Your Guest Room

If your guest room has not been used for a long time then it probably needs some touch-up here and there. Start by removing any unnecessary items such as pieces of clothing that are not needed there, free up space in the wardrobes for your guests to put their belongings. Clean up the place from top to bottom and make sure there is no dust on any of the surfaces. Find a few decor pieces to upgrade the appearance of the room to make it fit for visitors.

You can add rgbw led strip 5050 lighting fixtures to enhance the brightness of the room and also to act as decorative pieces. You can ask your carpenter to make another bed if you feel the need to do so. Find comfortable and luxurious beddings to ensure that your guests are cozy while they sleep.

Stock Up on Amenities

Such amenities include WiFi, smart TV, and others, as per the client’s request. You also need to ensure that your guest has enough towels, bath shampoo, and other toiletries that will last them the entire period of their stay. If you will be home most of the time then you can always restock for them when they request but if you will be away then you need to ensure they have everything they need at once. You can also provide them with a water heater and an automotive mould hairdryer. Ensure that your guest feels at home in your home.

Food and Drinks

You can include food and drinks in your rental price, so you do not have to charge them separately. Since they will be in your home and you obviously will be cooking, it makes more sense if you just include them in your meals. If they prefer to eat in a nearby hotel, well and good, just make sure that they state that while making their booking, so you do not charge them for food in your home. Some guests also prefer to make their own meals, so you can allow them to use your kitchen when the rest of your household is not using it.

Finally, Security

Both you and your guests need to feel secure during their stay. The fact that you are letting a stranger into your home is also a cause for concern, so you should be extra careful throughout the process. Even with a background check, you can never really know a person for sure. They are also trusting you to take care of them without causing them any kind of harm. This is why you need to ensure maximum security in your home before venturing into this kind of business. Install security cameras and alarms in your home for emergencies and plant under desk safes to store valuables to prevent burglary.


After factoring in all the above points, you can write a descriptive listin and register your home on the Airbnb website for potential clients to find you. Snap some gorgeous pictures of your guest room after it is ready and post them alongside your description. Within no time, clients will start contacting you for your services. Be a good host, and you will earn those five-star ratings, which will see your business grow drastically.

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