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How UK Consumers Can Make Savings On Water & Energy Bills In Winter?

One of the only things that are constant in modern-day life is receiving utility bills. Consumers can receive their utility bills at the end of the month or the beginning of the month based on the policies set by their utility provider. The services of a Utility Bidder can help you find the best utility provider. In this article, we look at the different ways consumers can make savings on their utility bills by implementing simple changes around the house.

Saving Money On Water & Energy Bills In The Winter

There are multiple effects of cold water on the pipes and the property of consumers. Consumers can take simple steps to ensure that their plumbing and property remain in optimal conditions. Most consumers often overlook these factors for various reasons and end up having to make repairs on their plumbing or property. Here we take a look at some simple tips you can apply to maintain the plumbing for a long time to come.

Tip 1: Take A Shower Instead Of A Bath

After a long hard day’s work in the winter, it can be tempting to settle down for a long hot water bath. Needless to say, hot water baths are one of the main reasons for high water consumption and excessive water-heating bills. Consider taking a shower instead of bathing for a long period. Wall mount shower heads are some of the most ergonomic and economical showerheads because they are relatively cheap and last a long time.

Tip 2: Using The Dishwasher Productively

Some households have the habit of pre-rinsing cutlery in hot water before placing them in the dishwasher. The plates are left to soak in hot water after all of the nutrients are wiped off of the crockery. Modern dishwashers already have the necessary settings that do not require tableware to be pre-rinsed. Pre-rinsing crockery unnecessarily wastes precious water and the valuable hot water can be used in other places within the home.

Tip 3: Using The Washing Machine Less Often & On A Lower Heat Setting

Some households use their washing machine all too often and on an excessively high heat setting especially during the winters. This means that these households will experience an increase in their energy consumption, especially during the cold months. Running the washing machine every once in a while without putting in a full load is a waste of water and energy. It is advisable to set aside a day, or two different days, within a week for doing the laundry instead of using the washing machine every now and then.

In the winter months, clothes do not get very clean unless they are washed with hot water. Hot water is necessary to do the laundry but considering to use lukewarm water also ensures that the clothes get clean. Modern day washing machines have an economy setting that uses the minimum amount of lukewarm water required to get the clothes as clean as possible. Using the economy setting in coordination with a full load of laundry can help consumers to attain savings on their water and energy bills.

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