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How You Can Make Amazing Intro Videos For Your Job Interview?

The saying might be stereotypical, but it is absolutely true that you do not get a second chance to make the perfect first impression. And when it’s a job interview that you need to crack, that first impression will either make or break your scope of getting the job.

Hence, you will like to do everything you can to make that lasting and positive first impression. And what better way of doing this than using an intro video made with a video intro maker?

Initially, this might seem scary, but once you gain experience in hunting for jobs, you will be bent on doing anything that makes you stand out in front of potential employers.

Enter: Intro Videos

What makes the best intro video for a job interview? There are many well-known online free video intro makers that can be used for creating intros for job interviews.

Before delving deeper into how to make amazing intro videos for job interviews, let’s see what makes the best intro video.

What Makes the Best Intro Video?

An intro video for a job interview should not merely be a summary of your employment history and accomplishments transformed into an awkward teaser. Rather it should come as an entertaining way of summing up all your quantifiable achievements.

It should show your indefinable qualities and also make the right impression. It must put forward the strengths you cannot list down on a resume; qualities like clear communication, humor, warmth, and charisma.

Now, coming to the point of how to make amazing intro videos for job interviews, here are some points that can help:

Make a Perfectly Polished Intro Video

It is not necessary for you to be skilled at video editing for creating tasty visuals of your work. Choose the best intro maker and achieve results with its professional template.

Edit the intro video templates available with the intro makers with your very own content, and you will be the proud owner of a wonderful intro video.

Take the Intro Format into Consideration

For instance, you can create a scenario in your introduction where you interview yourself, all the while highlighting your storytelling, presentation, and editing skills. This way, you can easily paint the picture of a fully aware, creative, and determined young individual ready for work.

For the ones looking to find a job in the creative or video industry, going this way can help in showing off their creative thinking.

Establish Human Connection

The present is a digital world where it is very difficult to establish a human connection. But this can be possible by making a good intro video. Your intro videos for a job interview should be one way of humanizing your brand.

Use it for showing your personality and sharing everything about what it is like working for a company. You can include candid shots where you are working in a team; use b-rolls of your previous office and include voice overs or face-to-face interviews in your intro video. These will highlight your personality in the best way.

Be yourself in the video. It does not matter if you become a bit quirky in this effort. It gets easier for prospective employers to relate to and connect with individuals who show their personalities than the ones who are professional and cold.

Try Being as Precise as Possible

Avoid mincing words in the intro video. Instead, be well-rehearsed and try to speak very clearly in the video. The video must have limited vague business jargon. After all, you must know that it is an intro video and not an open mic night at any bar or restaurant.

Get the intro right, and you will go perfectly on your path to landing the job. Include the most important points you would like to highlight about yourself while avoiding awkward pauses at the same time.

Keep the Intro Video Short, Simple, and To the Point

Keep in mind: your prospective employer will watch your intro video for a job interview based on two key points, and create video intro free; they are the length of your intro and the thumbnail. Hence, if you really want to get good results through an impactful intro, make sure to keep it simple and short.

Also, keep in mind that your intro video will capture and maintain the attention of the employers only if it is two or three minutes long. If it is more than three minutes in length, ensure frontloading it with important information.

Out Your Skills on Display

You know employers or the big heads in a company are really busy, and thus it becomes necessary for you to get to the main point immediately in your intro video. You cannot afford to waste time on punchy intro videos where you do not even get to show your face.

Start by giving a clear intro of the skills you possess instead of a complete suite of potentials in action. If you are really bent on intriguing your employer, show only the best bits, reserving half of the content for the body of the video.

A Call to Action Is Important

Of course, you are working on a top-class intro video, but this does not mean that you do not pay attention to the outro of your video for a job interview. Failing to include an outro means you will have the prospective employers hanging halfway.

Remember, your intro video should have a purpose. Make sure you are successful in getting the employers to react to your video by getting in touch with you or by sending you an offer letter.

Keep the Tone Conversational

Remember, it’s a job interview video, and thus every bit of it, from the starting till the end, should be in a conversational tone. It’s way better if you create an engaging and funny intro video.

Your intro video should be a polished piece using snappy cuts and multimedia in the most effective manner.


Well, intro videos for job interviews are watched by all those people who hardly sit down to read people’s written resumes. Hence, it can rightly be said that intro videos for job interviews are potent tools if done in the right way.

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