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5 Reasons to get into LED Tube Light Business

Due to the increase in sustainable options many start to design or decor their space with minimal usage of materials. Lighting changes the ambiance of the space and the commercial space it is used.

LED tube lights from with its many advantages, one of which is energy consumption and fewer electricity bills.

Due to this advanced setup, many companies have started to invest in this LED business which has shown growth progressively.

With the expansion of companies like LEPRO and cutting edge technology LED tube light business has its show in the manufacturing industry.

Mains reasons to start an LED business

LEDs are Future

Improved technology and environmental consciousness around many commercial and households are changing from conventional to LED tube lights to their spaces.

Increased time life span and brightness it gives through the small led circuit board.LED lights will have increased illuminating power so companies will start to change from the current usage.

Many companies in cutting-edge concern tend to change from conventional to LED lights despite their expensiveness but with future saving possibilities.

LED lights in offices and commercials are around for improved technology usage in respective spaces.

LED business option

1. Retail business

By having tie-ups with the well-known spaces like offices, school, cafe, industrial area, colleges you can grow this lighting business. But should have potential suppliers who give you quality products and services.

By setting retail counters you have to know the pricing and quality so that your business will be of drastic growth.

2. Manufacturing Business

A small-scale unit is enough for the LED manufacturing process. But with the advanced process of operation and key points in executing the products.

Various interrelated units can make a small-scale unit to solve the complex production process. With proper licenses and registration, you can start a manufacturing unit.

LED unit Location

A manufacturing unit with three compartments of 600 sq ft is enough for the efficient LED business. Like processing packaging, storage units, and office operations.

Have a long-term investment in opening one manufacturing unit by keeping in mind the competitors. Analyze the location where you are going to start about its potential worth.

Foot traffic has to be noted mainly in the LED business. More the foot traffic, the more the sale of your LED lights. So go for High traffic location.

Marketing potential

  • B2b websites: You can register your business in many business websites like Indiamart, Alibaba, ExportersIndia where they set your margin minimal which increases your sales. Mostly the stalkers, traders mainly source from these websites.
  • B2C websites: On these websites directly the customers buy our products like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay.You can increase the margin on these websites.
  • Export: If you have international contact you can export your products directly where you can get increased sales and price high.IEC code is important in exporting internationally.

Advantages of LED lights

LED lights have many benefits. With its technological improvement and energy consumption.A major concern on the environment like reducing carbon emission with the usage of LED lights.

Easy installation and maintenance for increased life span. The business aims to cut their expenditure opt for LED lights is the smart way to start.

Benefits from government

As per the norms provided by the government they provide some benefits for the startup who wants to start large-scale manufacturing LED units.

The business owner or entrepreneurs get incentives under the electronic system design and manufacturing sector with Modified special Incentive package scheme.

But only if you have experience in this business you can store a large-scale manufacturing unit.


So by seeing all the factors it not only saves electricity but its potential future growth in LED lights one can start the business small me get experienced to move further in the process.

Starting the unit is not difficult at present since many startups have benefited from the government. Prime location, efficient operation unit, and varied promotion of your products on many websites is an added advantage.

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