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Improving Business Maintenance Through A Mobile CMMS App

Computer maintenance management systems or CMMS are a modern management tool. They are a group of software or applications that helps hierarchy maintain management in an organization. It is associated with planning, tracking, measuring, optimizing and doing everything needed for the efficient management of a company.

Up till now CMMS was a computer module but with technological advancement, and as everything is going mobile, so did CMMS software.

Being able to use CMMS as an app on your phone has opened up many possibilities for management. . The managers can now readily update everything they require and the lower management or workers will immediately get the notification. This will create a new era in the modern business management systems as it will help smooth out the maintenance in a large company where workers need to be constantly organized.

Having an old computerized system meant having to reach one such station for orders, now the subordinates can have that in their mobile phone. These mobile platforms offer cloud-based CMMS, rather than the old hardware based systems. We will explore a few perks of having CMMS mobile app as a business management system.

Tracking inventories

In big businesses, one of the major problems the management faces is with tracking inventories. The bigger the company the more inventory they have, making it hard for the managers to keep track of the inventory.. As a result, it gives rise to some obvious inefficiencies.

Sometimes the technician will buy more of a part that is already in the inventory, or he will make unnecessary journeys to warehouses where the parts are not being held, the reason being not having the correct information. An obvious solution to this problem is the CMMS softwares.

Inventories can be recorded on CMMS softwares. This information can easily be disseminated to subordinates by the management. Having a hardware based computer system could prove harder to carry on this tracking.

On the other hand having a mobile based system makes this task much easier. The technicians and inventory keepers can just use code scanners to scan the code of an inventory that will help keep track of the parts the technicians already used and parts that are still in the inventory.

Now Management can stay on top of everything, due to having this facility. They can immediately assign technicians the parts they require or order parts that are running out. They can also prevent the inefficiencies we talked about earlier. Technicians can now have the exact part they need when they arrive at work thanks to mobile tracking systems.

CMMS softwares with a good inventory tracking system is hard to find, especially as it requires rigorous data management. Axxerion CMMS is one such CMMS that provides excellent inventory tracking and other CMMS facilities too, That will be discussed now.

Labor management

Managers always face a problem with this particular facet of management.They have to spend a lot of their time coming up with new strategies to maintain human assets. They have to workout a plan for each subordinate and see to it that they have proper tools for their work.

With CMMS apps worrying about human asset management is now a thing of the past. Managers can easily upload work orders on the app. They can instruct workers to do jobs the way they want to be done.. They can keep track of the inventories to match the technicians with their requirements.. They can update any change on the app as per client’s wishes and the notification will reach the technician in seconds.

Mostly, it has revolutionized potential in time management. CMMS has the ability to curb shirking. Many CMMS come with built-in timer facilities, management could set the time of the work. The technicians could upload the time they needed to finish a work, which helps management to keep track of the skills and efficiency of that individual.

In a CMMS the technician can upload pictures of their finished works so that upper management could review it. They can also upload the pictures of the inventory they used. It eliminates the need for paper trails, which can be tough to keep track, and could lead to corruption. These added modern features make CMMS a very lucrative option for labor management.

Asset management

Asset management is another vital function of CMMS. We have already discussed inventory management through CMMS. This system not only helps with keeping track of parts in the inventory, it also helps keep track of the assets in use.

Parts that are in use such as machineries for production can be tracked with CMMS. The managers can make decisions regarding those tools. Long term financial decisions to buy new items or discount for depreciation and applying for depreciation taxes can be easily handled throughout this management process.

We have also discussed labor management or human asset management. The CMMS mobile app lets you keep track of the workers personal profile, when and if they will need a day off,or if they need specific parts for their work. etc.

It helps you keep a total track of the assets and lets you create summary reports easily with the available data. Asset performance can be recorded and compared with other companies for similarities…

Another important function is, it helps you with auditing. Keeping at hand records help you provide auditors with any information they need. CMMS are customized for audits which allow them to keep unchangeable records that are helpful for auditors. The detailed information kept in the records help with the audit, with creating reports, and search any log of activity needed.

In the end, the CMMS apps come in hand for maintaining efficiency in office spaces. Starting from human assets to bits and parts, it can help a manager keep track and manage each and every aspect of the company. It is also a nature friendly venture.

As it eliminates the use of paper and resources required to keep physical records, it helps modern companies to keep their word on maintaining sustainability goals. Mobile CMMS apps could be the best management investment you will make.

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