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Manage an eCommerce Business directly from your Phone

Increasingly, online shoppers are choosing to switch to their smartphones rather than using desktop machines to get their shopping done. But perhaps more interesting is a trend among ecommerce business owners, toward managing those ecommerce businesses using a mobile device. Many of the tasks required to oversee and manage an online business can be performed using a mobile device.

Thus, if you’re running a small business via the internet, you might have already begun to make the transition. Given the speed at which modern business operates, it’s often essential to keep moving – but if your business can be run from anywhere in the world, this needn’t be an impediment to staying on top of your management responsibilities.

So how can you manage your online store on a mobile, and why might you choose to do so?

Managing Shipping

If you’re selling things via the internet, then you’ll want to get your shipping right. It’ll represent a sizeable chunk of your expenditure. Plus, it’ll play a huge role in determining your customer’s experience, and thus their likelihood to come back for another purchase.

Smartphone apps, such as the one provided by Parcel2Go, allow you to track all of your deliveries, and their associated costs, in a single place. This means you don’t need to tie yourself to a single courier for the sake of convenience and administrative savings. You might even manage your international shipping from the same app.

Mobile Live Chat

The modern customer expects a high standard of customer service. This means that emails should be responded to promptly, that phone calls should be picked up, and that the business should be able to deal with queries via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and the chat services you might integrate into your website. Prompt responses on these channels means having them available when you’re on the go, and that means having them installed on your smartphone.

Hire freelancers

The right freelancers can provide an injection of key skills without the hassle of bringing in a full-time employee. Through online services like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer, employers can find the talent they need to support their businesses.

Manage fulfilment centres

The cost of storing inventory can quickly escalate, especially for smaller businesses who might not have the space available to meet their needs. You might invest in a fixed warehouse – but what if you’re not always using all of that warehouse? That extra storage space is money wasted. The use of fulfilment centres can be a godsend to smaller businesses, allowing them to respond to spikes in demand, and to cut costs during slumps. Through the right smartphone app, you’ll be able to get information about where your products are, and keep track of your costs at the same time.

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