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Rise of SaaS Businesses: Which Companies Are Most Popular?

SaaS (software as a service) companies have made it easier for businesses to stay connected and productive regardless of location or time zone, which is why they have been growing rapidly over the last decade.

Top 10 Most Popular SaaS Tools for Small Business Owners:

1. Microsoft Office 365 – 83% of our employers are using Microsoft Office in the cloud, which is great news for Microsoft since they can now reach 83% of all small business owners. The future seems to be in the cloud.

2. Google Apps – 72% of entrepreneurs are using Google apps like Gmail and Drive as their primary email service and file storage system, up from 64% last year.

3. SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkey is one of the most widely used online survey platforms in the world with over 25 million people using its service each month. The survey included a free response field for this question, which provided some interesting results:

Survey Forms – 9% mentioned another type of form that they use to conduct surveys or collect data from customers, other options included custom-built web forms and Google Docs.

4. Slack – People can share links, documents, code snippets, etc., so fewer emails are flying around and employees have instant access to important information. From small startups to large enterprise companies, slack has become a popular solution for intra-company communication.

5. – is also making waves in the SaaS marketplace due to its superb features which include live chat, phone call tracking, data analytics, knowledge base articles, ticketing system updates, etc. With customers providing an average of 96% satisfaction with’s services, they are doing something right!

6. Hubstaff – Sometimes you need more than just time tracking software – that is where Hubstaff comes in handy since it includes capabilities like screenshots, activity levels, automatic payments/invoicing, and real-time reports. Hubstaff is a pay-as-you-go service, so you can start for as little as $5/month if needed.

7. Zapier – This tool has been around since 2012 and it is still going strong with over 15 million automation “recipes” created by the community that uses its application programming interface (API) to connect different web apps.

8. PrivadoVPN – Unbounce is an easy-to-use platform for creating, testing, and split-testing landing pages via different locations. Virtual Private Networks are an excellent way to keep your browsing data private. Take a look for the best VPN services at VPN creates a secure channel over an insecure network, protecting your important data from cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many people store the most sensitive information on their PCs or mobile devices without proper security equipment in place.

9. Dropbox – Dropbox took a major hit dropping from 66% of online entrepreneurs using them down to 51%. It will be interesting to see if they can recover next year because competition has never been more aggressive with everyone scrambling to make their services stand out.

10. Google Drive – It looks like Google Drive is starting to gain some momentum since more than 40% of respondents said they use them either with or without Office 365. With support for almost every platform imaginable including Android, this office suite has become very popular among online entrepreneurs.

To sum it up, keep an eye on Slack,, and Hubstaff for 2022, they have all become super popular in a short amount of time and their momentum does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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