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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models

Software development life cycle models can be an unfamiliar thing to be known by the people. They could have never heard about them and they never understand what the meaning behind it. In simple words, there are many steps or processes in the industry of software. These processes have different tasks to do, different things to handle, and also different steps between one another. Sometimes due to the variety of the requirements’ projects, there would be different software development needed.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Models

Know More about It

Software development life cycle models or SDLC will work more effectively by the presence of life cycle. Here, the life cycle is just as exactly same as the life cycle in the study of Biology at school. There are some arrows leading from a point to another that shows the right step after the basic stage. Talking about SDLC, there are many types of it which has their own advantages and also their own disadvantages too.

  • Waterfall

As it was named waterfall, the flow is linear. The progress will be clearly shown downwards by the implementation of the software. What can we learn from this flow? It can be said that whenever the first stage has not been completed, there would never be the second stage. It fits for those tasks which do not put too much concern for the requirement changes.

  • V-shaped

This is the extension version of the waterfall type. There are times where the flows where to bend down then go up when the process has been finished. The specific different from this type with waterfall is about the test planning which is done in early stage. It is often used for the projects or the proposals with detailed information and also clear steps.

  • Spiral

Another type of software development life cycle is called spiral. It forms the shape of something spiral. It has top bottom and up and down concepts as a great combination. For sophisticated, complicated, large, and crowded business, this spiral type suits them well.

  • Evolutionary Prototype Model

This type allows those people to create the prototype activity planning. It has some horizontal parts which have the same level of the component. This is used for giving the limitation for the gap occurred between the development team and also the requirements made by the customers.

These types of software development life cycle can be used for better business in the future.

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