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The Use Of Phone Number Search And Other Tools To Secure Your Content From Plagiarism

Most of us are website publishers who love posting fresh content on our website regularly. The new content you post help attract readers and potential customers who are looking for solutions to their problem. In addition, SEO articles can help your website rank highly on search engines.

However, one of the main problems that affect the work of content creators is plagiarism. Plagiarism involves copying someone else’s work and pasting it on their own website. After making a few changes, they will claim the content to be their own.

Stealing someone’s work and making it look like yours is a serious problem which can damage one’s reputation. The internet world is made of hardworking content creators who devote the majority of their time towards creating original web content.

It doesn’t matter if it is you or a hired copywriter who invested the energy and time towards writing your web content. It can be demoralizing to find your content copied and pasted on another site. When someone thinks and posts original content on their website, it becomes their property. In other words, you get the copyright to the content be it your blog, webpage, or e-book.

Plagiarism is a violation of one’s copyrights and can discourage content creators from creating original content. Luckily, there are tools you can use to secure your content from plagiarism. Let’s look at ways you can use phone number search and other tools to secure your content from plagiarism.

1. Make only original content for your website, do not steal ideas

Plagiarism is a serious online crime that can affect your search engine rankings or get your website banned if you are caught. If you steal someone else’s idea and make it look like you wrote it, you are infringing on their copyright. This is unlawful especially if you don’t include a citation, link or attribution to the original content. The best way to prevent this problem is to make only original content for your website and not steal ideas. The basic rule of search engine optimization is to come up with your own unique content. If you create great content, it can earn backlinks and attract customers to your website.

You can as well paraphrase ideas in case you did your research and found the information you need. That is, read the content, internalize it then put it in your own words. However, take caution that you do not copy word by word from the research content you found. In case you use two words or more in a row while writing your content, you should use quotation marks. Make sure you use quotation properly to avoid any plagiarism issues.

2. Use different plagiarism checkers (Small SEO tools, WorldEssats, Copyscape and others)

If you run a website, it is important you check if your content was plagiarized. On the other hand, if you are a website publisher, you should make sure that you publish unique content and not copy to avoid running into trouble with the owner of the original content.

Luckily, there are a variety of online tools which can be used as plagiarism checkers. Small SEO tools is a free tool which allows you to check if your content was plagiarized. All you have to do is copy and paste your content in the provided text box and press the red button which says “Check Plagiarism” to see if there are any duplicate content online.

Copyscape is another amazing tool which has been used for many years to check web content. While checking your website content for plagiarism, you should copy the website URL in the provided box rather than copying and pasting the web content.

3. Make a quick investigation using Google

Google the title of your article and if you find your content to be stolen try to connect with a thief, if there is contact info on website – email or socials it is okay, but if there is only phone number – use reverse phone lookup Spokeo to find email addresses and social media profiles.

This is the final step you will take once you have checked online and found that your content was plagiarized. If you have found the thief who stole your web content, check if there is contact information on their website. The best way to contact them is via email or social media but if their website only has phone number details, you can use Spokeo to search for their email address and social media profiles.

Spokeo is a search engine that is used to look for people by name, email address, and phone number. You can also use Spokeo to perform phone number lookup.

To do this, just enter the 10-digit phone number to know the of the owner, including the location that the phone number is registered. If you know their email address, you can perform an email search to find their names and social media profiles opened with this email address. With their email address, you can send them a Cease and Desist letter. If they fail to comply, you can either report them to Google or sue them for damages.

In conclusion, plagiarism is an online crime but, unfortunately, it is not a rarity that someone steals your content – your property. It is better to use the steps mentioned below to not become a victim of dishonest bloggers.

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