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Three Ways to stop DDoS Attacks and Stay Secured


We plan our business meticulously and online service serves the best in reaping profits. It is indeed appalling to note that crashing of online services can doom our business and sales and leave it motionless. Distributed Denial of Service bombards the server or IP address with a colossal amount of traffic and blocks the processing which in turn crashes our system. This malicious traffic is mostly generated from many different sources and finally concentrated at one point. A DDoS attack can paralyze the server completely.


In recent times, the problem of DDoS attack has become very grave as it has claimed a sharp 22% increase in the last one year. These attacks have lasted long ranging from 28.5 hours to about 34.5 hours as well hampering a huge chunk of major business. Hence, it is very important to combat these deadly DDoS attacks and update the network and software consistently. Here are some essential tips and tricks to prevent or stop the malicious DDoS attacks.


AN early detection of DDoS attacks can help to deal with this serious online service paralysis. You got to be accustomed with the inbound traffic profile and that makes it easier to spot the changes. Most often, DDoS attacks characterize sharp spiked in the traffic. The obvious difference between a sudden sharpness on traffic can notify the inception of a DDoS attack. Hence consistent monitoring and early detection is essential.


If your web server has relatively more bandwidth then it can accommodate the unexpected bombarding of traffic causes by unexpected DDoS attacks. An over position of bandwidth by nearly 100-500% can withstand or prevent the DDoS attack completely but it surely gives a breathing time to act before all your resources are doomed.

Defensive network:

Some of these technical measures can help to lessen the impact of DDoS attack
1. Limit your router in-order to prevent the overloading of server.
2. Addition of filters so that routers can filter the malicious packets from obvious sources of DDoS attacks.
3. Drop all malformed and spoofed packages
4. Set lower ICMP, SYN and UDP flood drop thresholds.


Calling your Hosting provider is one of the ultimate help. The severity of attack compels you to call ISP for help and hence keep your emergency contacts ready. They usually perform ‘null route’ the traffic which results in dropping off the packets from your server before their arrival. This is a costly alternative and hence preventing DDoS attacks by monitoring and updating network and software would be the best practice.


If the DDoS attack is pretty fatal, it is best to call a specialist. There are DDoS mitigation organizations who have the necessary infrastructure to deal with such severities. Your hosting company can deal a partnership with such organizations to handle such fatal attacks.

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