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To Write Content That Sets You Apart From The Crowd, In-depth Research is a Must

Content marketing has the power to generate quality leads, not to mention higher sales. This is why every business, regardless of its size, needs to incorporate well-crafted content into its marketing strategy. The creation and dissemination of online materials can grow traffic to a website. There is a variety of content types that marketers can choose from, including but not limited to blogs, infographics, whitepapers, and how-to guides, just to name a few. Regrettably, a great many companies waste time and money because they don’t know how to create awesome content.

You already know it, so why ask? Creating content that engages with and influences audiences is challenging, to say the least. You’re always under pressure, struggling to come up with an exciting piece of writing that readers will enjoy. If you want to write content that sets you apart from the competition, research is essential. Any organization that engages in content marketing must have a defined and documented strategy. If you don’t have the necessary resources in-house, or the talent, don’t fret because you can outsource this very important process.

Take a modern approach to content marketing research

When running a business, you have to make decisions every day, whether big or small. These decisions should be made logically, not emotionally. Even if you have a gut feeling, you should rely on a scientific approach, using quantitative and qualitative data. Research is far better than hunches. That’s because it’s based on hard numbers. With the right tools and processes in place, you can eliminate guesswork from marketing. As a result, you can create winning content.

Companies that have succeeded in increasing sales have done so because they’ve used content marketing research. The importance of content marketing research can’t be denied. You can uncover advice, tips, trends, and how-tos. The data can support your sales message, which translates into the fact that you can improve conversion rates. Last but certainly not least, you can get more links and shares from your content, the two major sources of web traffic.

The key areas you need to focus on

It doesn’t matter if your content marketing strategy needs to be refreshed or you’re starting from scratch, you need to focus your attention on certain areas. We’ve identified 3 areas of research that deserve your fullest attention.

Your market conditions: By market conditions, it’s understood the attractiveness of the market in which you operate. The main indicators to take into consideration are economic growth and market demand. it’s necessary to be aware of any outside developments and market conditions that could impact your business. Identify how customers and potential customers might view your organization and identify gaps in expectations. At any rate, review the market landscape and strive to identify emerging trends.

Your audience: Your research should be focused on the audience you wish to target – in other words, that set of people that you want to capture and engage with your content. It’s recommended to conduct an audience assessment, which helps you get a better understanding of how your audience searches for information, evaluates brands and products, and how they finalize purchases. Determine whether your audience exists online or they’re happy with other channels.

Your competition: As far as content marketing is concerned, competition is fierce. It’s understandable if you’re wondering whether all this is worthwhile. It is, just to be clear. It’s just that results aren’t visible immediately. What you need to do is to carefully examine your competitors’ content strategies and in a structured way. Break down this analysis into steps to make the process easier. The most important questions that you need to answer are:

  • If competitors excel, why do they excel?
  • If competitors fail, what’s holding them back?
  • What capabilities do your competitors have that you can’t match?
  • What capabilities set you apart from the crowd?

Undertake competitive analysis and beat the competition.

From insights to actions: What should you do?

Data fuels the customer experience and marketing channel. Content should be promoted via online and offline channels alike. By combining the two approaches, you can reach a larger audience and deliver the greatest impact. Content marketing research provides invaluable insights. If you manage to connect the data to insights, your decisions will have an astounding impact. Don’t ignore the juicy morsels of information that can take your company’s digital marketing to the next level. Insights alone are meaningless if they don’t enable decisions.

If you get better at content creation, you can grow your business. After having assessed the health of your content planning and creation machine, it’s time to brainstorm for better ideas. The last thing you should do is to rush to publish your next post. Take a moment to think. Without some sound parameters to guide the way, your brainstorming session can turn out to be a complete waste of time. Be open to new ideas and don’t forget that you don’t have to follow through with all of them.

Use data to trigger personalized content

At present, people prefer personalized marketing experiences. And research backs up this claim. Personalized content can bring about a lift in engagement, conversions, and other behaviors. It deploys specific information about individuals to create a singular experience between the person and the brand. The fact is that consumers get savvier every year and it’s becoming more and more difficult to grab their attention. Companies that leverage personalized content are more likeable and likely to win over customers. You should follow in their footsteps.

The bottom line is that, if you’re looking forward to spicing up your content marketing strategy, you ought to personalize your content. Corporations such as Netflix and Amazon have been using personalized content for a long time. Why shouldn’t you? Deliver relevant content based on the interests and preferences of your target audiences. The results speak for themselves. Personalizing content needn’t be complicated. The present is much more automated, so you don’t have to do things manually anymore. You can eliminate this headache without much difficulty.

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