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Top 10 Cloud Based Document Management Software For Small Business

Cloud Based Document Management Software can effectively streamline any office environment. By classifying and conveniently storing information, and making it easily accessible, this process helps employees to work more efficiently.

Top 10 Cloud Based Document Management Software For Small Business:


eDoc Organizer – Document Management Software | Digitial Filing Software | Paperless Office.  BEST

eDoc Organizer Cloud allows you to customize the plan that is right for you or your business while providing secure access to your documents from anywhere. Our web based solution always comes with our standard intuitive features that make inputting and managing documents quick and easy, using the same user friendly interface of eDoc Organizer thousands know and trust. Whether you need to manage your family’s documents or you represent a small business, you can securely log onto your account from anywhere, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your documents are never out of reach.

  • Cloud based, online access from any browser device
  • Pay as you go monthly plans keep startup investment low, free trial available
  • A la carte pricing lets you only pay for what you need, change your plan anytime
  • Ideal for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes
  • Have the program on as many computers as you wish
  • Get started quickly and easily, no training required
  • No need for special infrastructure to store your documents
  • Search, retrieve, manage and share files from anywhere



Document Management & Automated AP Solutions by docSTAR. DocStar knows that one solution does not fit every company. Fast implementation, ease of use, and flexibility were the driving forces behind our web-based digital document management and automated AP solutions. We designed DocStar solutions to be installed on your servers, managed by your IT team, or as a cloud-hosted service deployed on our Amazon Web Services servers in a secure, redundant, disaster-proof data center.




M-Files: Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solutions. With M-Files Cloud Vault, you won’t waste time searching for a document, recreating information or using the wrong version. Instead, you can just tag your documents and save them in your vault – and they’ll automatically be saved in the cloud and made available to anyone with access, anywhere they are.




Fashion Software for Today’s Business – Visual Next. Visual Next’s Document Management software offers all the features of other popular services like Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox with the added benefit of being integrated into our End2End system for fashion businesses. Take advantage of our document scanning and OCR technology to bring your archived files online and get all your business documents in one simple to use, searchable place.




Total Quality Management(TQM) Software System – Verse Solutions. Verse’s Cloud based document management system lets you create document records, assign keywords to records, attach files of any size/type, and create any number of workflows to route the document through the review and approval phases of the workflow.




DynaFile | Scan To Cloud Document Management Software. DynaFile is cloud document management software that makes it easy to go paperless. Contact us today for a shortcut to electronic files!




NetDocuments. The Leader in Cloud-Based Document and Email Management.




Collaboration Software: Share Documents Online, Cloud Email, Task and Mobile Collaboration. Store, share and collaborate on any file type online. Get advanced collaboration features like version control, permissions, desktop web folders, notifications and more.




Business Solutions Malaysia | RapidCloud Malaysia. RapidDOCS is a cloud-based Document Management System to manage the workflow, approval, retrieval, archival and searching of massive amount of digital documents or images in real-time across multi-devices from anywhere, anytime.




Fuji Xerox Australia – Office Printers, Software & Managed Services. Our document management software streamlines the entire process from scanning the initial paper-based files through to sharing them with staff.



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