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Top 10 Facebook Marketing Automation Software

Facebook is one of the most powerful and influential platform of social media websites. It has emerged as a site for businesses to advertise themselves through communication with clients, customers and self-promotion and make an online presence.

For that, Facebook Marketing Software has been built by powerful expertise of professionals. This is a cheap, efficient and effective strategy to maintain and manage your Facebook page/s at a single time.

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The features of Facebook Marketing Software are:

1) Centralized System
This software allows administering multiple pages. All the data of all the pages can be tracked in one system which makes the control over it easy and less time-consuming. You can check the posts, comments and likes in the system; there is no need to visit every page individually to check the statistics.

2) Search for relevant pages
It helps in posting the content on all the relevant pages. The application provides a search option where you can just add the keyword and the app will give you a list of related pages where the posts can be done. The details of the pages like their number of likes, posts, links etc. will be also displayed.

3) Direct access to pages
You can directly go to pages of search results and can interact on behalf of your page. You can like, comment, like other’s comments etc.

4) Visibility
The content you post will be visible to everyone active on that post. Your likes will be also visible. All this will be done on your page’s behalf so its name will appear everywhere which can eventually lead to increase in likes on your page.

5) Centralized posts
With this amazing feature you can post a single post on a single page of yours or few of them or all of them! Isn’t this an excellent marketing tool? You don’t need to go on individual page to post the same thing again and again.

6) Management of statistics
All the insights of all pages and their statistics can be viewed on a single platform.

Top 10 Facebook Marketing Software:


Kenshoo – The Leading Agile Marketing Technology. Technology designed to connect marketers and customers. Automating & optimizing marketing investments for superior performance across channels and devices.




Facebook Marketing Software | All in one Facebook Marketing Automation Tools! FB Marketing Automation is the only facebook marketing tools you need on your social media marketing campaign.




Cloud based Facebook Marketing Software – Faceboardpro. Automate your Facebook marketing efforts using, Faceboardpro, Free Cloud based Facebook Marketing tool.




FaceDominator | Best Facebook Marketing Tool and Software. Facedominator. The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Tool made Facebook Marketing Automation easy. Try this Facebook Marketing Software today and autopilot your Facebook campaigns. Get it Now!




Ninja Blaster | Best Marketing Software. Ninja Blaster Facebook group poster engage your business on autopilot. One of the best auto group poster. Test free auto group poster Now.




100% AUTOPILOT SOCIAL MEDIA SOFTWARE – BleupagePro. Upgrade your BleuPage account ASAP and get premium access to Facebook Marketing, lead capturing, custom, coupon, video marketing posts and viral shares tool




Automated social media tools help busy marketers get more followers. 20 unique ways to monetize fanpages. Auto post to Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Shopify.




Nanigans – Advertising Automation Software | The leading advertising platform to find and remarket to your most valuable customers across social and mobile.




TabFu | Facebook Marketing Software for FB Landing Pages. TabFu – Latest Powerful Facebook marketing tool for FB landing pages, motion posts, Templates, Custom tabs like lead capture, App feature, Sales Pages.




Facebook Ad Manager – Online Marketing Tool – Qwaya. Optimize your Facebook marketing and save time with a powerful and affordable tool. Ad scheduling and rotation, bid rules, conversion tracking. $149/month.




Social Media Scheduling, Marketing & Analytics Tool | SocialPilot. Measure monitor target audience growth with Facebook analytics that improves social media engagement and find effective marketing strategy.




Digital Gateway a leading Digital marketing company in india providing digital marketing solution and also providingfacebook marketing software & services. with the help of this facebook marketing tool you can promote your business Eaisly on facebook. we have also many corporate consumers for facebook marketing services .




eMarketeer’s All-in-One Online Marketing Software helps small businesses and marketing agencies to deliver relevant marketing material to their customers.




Retail Software That Transforms Your In-Store Payments | Index. Index software can be integrated into any online context so you can reach shoppers on the social channels where they engage. We help you leverage Facebook to engage with existing customers and reach new ones — and measure the real-time impact of Facebook ads on store visits and purchases.




Fanbooster – The Complete Facebook Marketing Platform. Fanbooster is built to help you create winning Facebook marketing campaigns, manage Facebook Pages efficiently, and get statistics to make better decisions.




Ora HQ | Smart Marketing Software and Services. Whether you’re wanting more customers online, in person or over the phone, Ora will show you how to get results through Facebook advertising.




There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to marketing and publicizing on Facebook. With more than 1 billion users to touch, a robust marketing campaign on the world’s biggest social network is practically a necessity for brands, industries, enterprises, businesses and organizations that are serious about social media marketing.

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Facebook Marketing Software helps you and your business grows online. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while doing Facebook marketing services and that is why we are here to support and guide you through the whole process.

There is a lot to learn about the prospects, the limits, risks and how businesses can flourish on the Facebook platform. A solid Facebook marketing strategy is needed to comprehend the current social media marketing events and position across all social media channels, product and service offerings, the objectives and aims, target audience and unique value proposition.

Facebook Page Management Service lets us create Facebook Pages. These pages can be used for various purposes. From a large global media enterprise to a small retailer or business service Facebook Page is used by all of them to create, manage, observe, and enhance a complete branded viral loop to breed web traffic, influence new customers and upsurge revenues.

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The Facebook pages are interesting and engaging as they offer the audience the chance to stay updated with the latest photos, videos, quizzes, contests, events, news, virtual gifts etc.

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Campaign Strategy Blueprint
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Development
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Analysis


Facebook marketing services are becoming very general across numerous online industries; and several online business proprietors are using these services to raise their profits. It also helps you venture into novel business territories. Social media is very operative, and Facebook is one of the most standard social media networks that Internet marketers are using to promote their products and facilities online. Most internet marketer’s use PPC management services technique to target potential customers and to build a compact business network. With this in mind, the modern procedures of using Facebook are becoming the new method that many network marketers are using to reach and generate customers online. It gives them the opportunity of much business growth when they use it accurately to target the correct customers with the right products.

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Most small business proprietors are aware that Facebook marketing servicesis a valuable tool for creating a brand’s personality and engaging with customers. However, many managers fall short of the next stage of using their Facebook Page to drive traffic back to their main business hub – their website. Many companies are spending a lot of time, resources and money in Internet marketing organization to retain their businesses online.

Facebook marketing services; is very much significant for those marketers annoying to promote their products through Facebook network to grow and maintain interpersonal connections and discussions with their fans and others who read and reply to their posts. Since social site marketing can be seen as a way of publishing, Facebook marketing is setting the standard in online marketing and several of the most successful companies in the world are using this platform. Facebook marketing services are much inexpensive than using old-style marketing channels like TV, radio, hoarding, and magazine advertisements; and they are more cost effective and highly productive for any business.

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Through social networking marketing services, you can assess your Internet presence at no price or obligations. Learn marketing strategies, tactics and frame an online road map for your business. For you to be operative and successful with your online business you have to do more research and get the best networking plans that you can apply to your business. One way of doing this is by joining Facebook marketing training workshops or webinars online. With Facebook marketing services, you will enjoy more targeted website traffic and link building, better customer relationships and improved brand awareness of your products.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies are turning quickly into an important component of any successful marketing scheme. With a vast sum of users, Facebook is assured to turn into a location where any company can touch their viewers. Effectively Facebook Marketing Strategy is very becoming easy task however. Many of the businesses either old or new have maintained some sort of Facebook attendance and they are reaping profits of their activities. With these apps, one can increase their online business significantly. Some of the useful and highly beneficial Facebook marketing strategies are as follows.

1. Send Button:

Send button allows the fans and users to send or share content with their friends. It is a new method to share and forward something interesting just by a single button. With this tool or tactic you can share the contact details currently in a specific URL and it may have your advertising and marketing proposal.

2. Friend Card:

On the other hand, Friend Card is an effective Facebook marketing strategy by means of which you can increase your business visibility and interest. It bids the followers and users with a chance to send personalized and customized cards. The best object is that Friend Card can be either planned for a particular time or can be sent instantly.

3. Blogs:

Blogs permanently work like a miracle for almost all sorts of online publicists and businesses. The stimulating thing is the content on the blog and can be shared with the customers through Facebook. Basically, it is pleased as a syndication app that derives the blog RSS feed and posts it on the social network through the partition post. It will link the clients back to your official website.

4. Make a Facebook Note:

Create a Facebook note containing valued content. Be sure to comprise a call to action within your note. Share this note on your profile, Facebook page and within as many groups as possible for all-out exposure.

5. Coupons:

Coupons are the most effective and perhaps the best way of luring targeted buyers. It is a great mean to ignite the popularity and growth of your business fan page.

6. Polls and Trivia:

These are mostly used to engage or communicate with fans. These are highly beneficial tools and are aiming to start market studies and possibly grab maximum customers’ feedback on precise services and products.

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