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Top 10 Law Office Billing Software

Legal billing features are designed to integrate the work of your entire firm, from office managers and paralegals to senior partners. You can expect responsive tools to run every department of your law firm efficiently.

Top 10 Law Office Billing Software:


Best Online Legal Time and Billing Software | TimeSolv. As a Mac user you’re used to easy syncing, clean and functional user interfaces, and great software which just works.




Easy Legal Billing Software, LEDES Billing & Time Tracking Software for Law Firms | Easy Legal Billing. 

  • Create an unlimited number of invoices
  • Effortless creation of legal invoices in all types of formats, including print, email, PDF, web link
  • Generate LEDES invoices
  • Customize your invoices by adding your company’s logo
  • Download our desktop time tracking application and bill client hours while you work (Windows only at this time)
  • Access your account anywhere with a web browser and Internet connection


3. TABS3

Tabs3 Legal Billing and Practice Management Software. Billing and practice management software designed for law firms and legal professionals.




Chaos Software contact manager email client crm. Legal Billing from Chaos Software is designed for busy lawyers and other legal professionals who expect to spend their valuable time working on billable hours rather than struggling with hard-to-use legal billing software.




Brief Legal Software – A Mac Legal Billing and Accounting Solution. Brief Legal Software introduces Brief Accounting – a fully integrated time, billing and accounting program custom-designed for the contemporary law firm. Brief Accounting is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use accounting program and is developed specifically for law firms on the Mac.



6. TIME59

Web-based billing software for lawyers. Widely used legal billing software. Free trial. Free phone support.




Time Billing Software | Bill4Time. Bill4Time invoice templates are easy to brand and even easier to use. Save time with write-up and write-down features, recurring flat fee and custom rates.




Efficient legal billing software is at the core of every successful law practice. MyCase’s easy-to-use legal billing features eliminate the tedious aspects of time-tracking, billing, invoicing, and payment processing, offering a simple, straightforward approach. Our legal billing tools make it easy for you to track your time, send out invoices, and get paid even faster.




Law Practice Management Software | CosmoLex. CosmoLex legal timekeeping and billing software gives you end-to-end, integrated coverage for all your billing chores. Batch processing invoices, past-due notices, and low-retainer reminders for ALL clients are completed in a single mouse click.




Rocket Matter | Cloud Based Legal Billing & Management Software. Increase your law practice productivity and efficiency with Rocket Matter’s on-the-go, cloud-based legal billing and management software. Sign up now for a free trial.



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