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Top 10 Tools and Software to Have Set up for Successful Management of Your Startup

It takes more than just a dream and determination to run a successful startup. To boost the odds of developing a solid product or business model that will serve as a foundation of a solid company, founders need tools and software that will give them a competitive edge over other companies and help facilitate growth.

Technological tools and software are used by startups to manage projects, initiate product development, enhance team communication, solicit customer feedback, promote products online, reach out to customers, and manage workflow.

If you are a founder of a growing company with a growth-driven team, you need a powerful set of tools to turn your dreams into reality. Luckily, there are thousands of apps, services, and software programs that can help you achieve your business goals:

Free Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is one of the most important tools that you will ever need. Managing employees is not easy. You have to make sure they are productive and will be able to get the job done. Luckily, there are free time tracking software systems that are suitable especially for small businesses that may not have enough funds to purchase a premium corporate software. Time tracking systems are beneficial for streamlining processes which ultimately leads to an improved workflow, lesser expense, and better payroll management.

Email Validation and Verification Tool

Email marketing is most probably one of your marketing channels. After all, it’s still one of the best with a 3400% ROI. To improve your email marketing results, you will need an email validation and verification tool. Basically, you need to make sure that your campaigns are sent straight into the inboxes of your prospects or customers. Using this tool helps ascertain the accuracy of your data, reduces email bounce rate, gives you accurate campaign insights, boost customer engagement, and saves you money.

Online Data Storage

Because most startups rely heavily on computers, there is always a need for some online data storage system that will keep your information safe and secure. Online storage systems make use of cloud solution which allows businesses to store an unlimited amount of data online should something happen in their computers. Another benefit of this tool is that stores files are accessible anywhere and from any device with an internet connection.

Online Project Management Software

Project management software is equipped with essential features that make collaboration quick and easy. Whether you are running a remote team or working together in an office, these platforms let you and your team plan projects and effectively assign and follow-up on tasks, project the budget needed, share and transfer files, and allocate resources.

Webinar Platform

Webinar services allow you to hold meetings online, meet with your team members, clients, or customers regardless of their locations, and communicate. These platforms are no ordinary video conferencing tools, they also come with essential tools and functions like recording, screen-sharing, and file sharing which makes team and client meetings, product demonstrations, and huddles far more effective.

Digital Marketing Tools

Online marketing is essential for any budding business. Such tools are designed to make such a complicated process easier for startups. Their features include automation, data analytics, and campaign scheduling.

Social Media Marketing Platform

With the majority of your prospects and customers on social networks, it is inevitable that you promote your business on a social media platform. With such a tool, you can create, schedule, publish, and manage your social media contents and obtain valuable insights.

Web Hosting

All startups understand the necessity of having a professional website. Through a web hosting service, you can put up a website that is uniquely and entirely your own. Web hosting services also include data management and protection, web design, and SEO – which is highly important to boost your company’s online visibility. Additionally, professional web hosting ensures that your data is protected and properly backed up and can be retrieved anytime.

Email Service Provider

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you will need an email service provider that makes it easy for you to manage your campaigns. Email marketing platforms let you compose a professional newsletter using different templates, incorporate images and files, schedule your emails, and gain access to the data you need to analyze your email marketing efforts.

Accounting Tool

Whatever your business is, you will need accounting software that lets you track expenses and income, and helps you prepare your taxes when the time comes. There are many advantages to using accounting software. It helps with cash flow management, financial planning and budgeting, bookkeeping, and invoicing. Additionally, accounting software minimized errors that are very common with having to do your accounting work manually.


With such a high rate of failure among startups, it is inevitable for founders and their teams to make use of tools and software systems that give them access to resources, systems, and tools that will not only make their work easier but will also expand their horizons and open doors to more opportunities. Make sure you have these systems to boost your company growth and achieve your startup goals.

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